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What should I do if the window is leaking?


Presumably everyone has encountered water in the doors and windows when it rains heavily. If the water tightness of the windows is not good, in the event of a strong wind and rain, the rainwater will leak into the room with the help of the wind, turning the house into a pond with water and causing certain damage to the walls. It has caused serious troubles to life. Today, we will take a good look at how to make the windows waterproof to achieve the effect of "waterproof".

Usually after the living room and bedroom windows are installed, the windows can be waterproofed. As for the windows of the bathroom and kitchen, the construction can generally be started after the basic foundation of the kitchen wall and the ground has been processed.

Generally, there are 6 places for painting the window waterproofing.

The wall around the window, because the window is connected to the outside, when applying the waterproof coating, it is necessary to apply one more layer than other places;

The surface of the window and the walls around the window sill are close to the window sill, so the walls around the window sill should also be painted with some waterproof coating to prevent water vapor from infiltrating; if there is also a window sill outside, the outdoor window sill also needs to be waterproof to prevent damage to the window sill; Close the corners of the surrounding windows to prevent water vapor from entering through the gaps in the windows.

How to deal with leaking windows:

Reprocessing the seams: first clean the old sealant, then fill with weather-resistant glass glue to seal; ensure the drainage groove is unobstructed: if there is a problem with the position of the drainage hole, it is necessary to close the original hole, and then re-open the hole; redo the waterproofing Layers: The top and walls need to be redone for waterproofing, or a baffle is added above the walls. If there is water leakage around the upper, lower left and right sides of the window due to the aging and failure of the sealant, you can directly apply the silicone structural sealant. If the sealant on the upper, lower, left and right sides of the window is not aged and there is no crack, please apply sealant on the splicing part of the aluminum alloy window frame. If the sealant around the upper, lower, left and right sides of the window is not aged, it is considered that there is leakage on the left and right walls of the window. Cracks are particularly severe and may require spreading and applying waterproof paint.

The phenomenon of water seepage in the window is indeed a headache. The reasons for it are summarized in the article. Some of these reasons are caused by the failure of waterproofing during construction, and some are caused by the aging of the sealing material after using for a long time. It is also caused by the characteristics of the window itself. No matter what the reason is, it can be dealt with in the later stage. The general post-treatment method is to re-seal. For the problems of the window itself, such as the problem of easy generation of condensation water, it is recommended to replace it with double Layer glass, you can solve it. Although it can be dealt with in the later stage, it is still recommended that when installing windows or decoration, you should fully consider the future water seepage problem, and do a good job of waterproofing, so as to avoid water seepage in the later stage and then repair it, which is not worth the loss. In fact, as long as you know more about the relevant door and window information before purchasing, you will not take a detour. Through the brief introduction of the Baydee uPVC Profile, I believe you have understood it, and we will continue to share the knowledge of doors and windows.