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Where is the key for the system doors and windows to lead consumption?


Many people first choose to replace doors and windows when preparing for new house decoration or secondary renovation. They not only hope that doors and windows can meet the performance requirements of sound insulation and heat insulation, but also hope that they can introduce sunlight and beautiful scenery through transparent doors and windows, and have their own design of doors and windows. Personalized standards that can show the home taste of the occupants. It can be said that doors and windows are the core carrier of interaction with nature.

In recent years, with the haze of the epidemic, people have been staying at home for longer and longer, and their requirements for home have also increased day by day. For contemporary mainstream consumers, sound insulation, heat insulation, appearance... are all indispensable and important elements of high-quality comfortable homes. In the past, we paid more attention to the environmental protection of wall paint and furniture and the purification of air-conditioning systems. Now we have entered a new era of aesthetic consumption and experience consumption. Many people have a new understanding of the indoor space environment comfort system, the performance, design and performance of indoor space system doors and windows. Experience has a crucial impact on the overall comfort of living.

In recent years, a large number of high-quality real estate and improved living spaces have appeared in China, as well as the renovation of second-hand houses, etc., and a large number of high-quality system doors and windows are urgently needed. However, in the current door and window industry, such products that can fully meet the requirements are very scarce, and only a few leading companies can do it.

From the early steel windows and ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows, to the current high-quality system doors and windows, it is undeniable that doors and windows are one of the important transformative forces that promote the substantial improvement of living space environment comfort. It can be said that the importance of doors and windows to the house is not limited to the "face". In the pursuit of high-quality living space, it is more and more like the "chip" of the space, and it has become the indispensable and core of the construction of space comfort. part.

This is also the key to the current high-quality system doors and windows can lead new consumption:

Families with children and pregnant women need more "noise-free" emotional care.

People with insomnia prefer a "distraction-free" experience with a "soundproof" function.

Large-sized living spaces are more sensitive to "sound insulation" effects.

The younger generation prefers "refined" aesthetic design with style.

Safety and environmental protection have become the basic standard for doors and windows.

It can be said that "sound insulation, heat insulation, safety and aesthetics" have become the four key indicators for judging whether the system doors and windows can bring comfort.

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