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The reason for the large price difference between broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is this!


As the door and window market continues to heat up, door and window products on the market are emerging in an endless stream, with various colors and prices. There may be many people's questions: Why do two products that seem to be little different, but the prices are so different?

A door and window is far from being as simple as it seems, and the price is often determined by a variety of factors. The first is the internal factors of doors and windows, such as materials, technology, hardware, etc.; the second is the external factors of doors and windows - that is, door and window services, especially in the custom door and window industry, design, measurement, after-sales, etc. are all factors that constitute the value of a door and window . Therefore, the combination of internal and external values ​​is the value of a door and window.

Profiles for doors and windows

Door and window profiles are the basis for determining the quality of a door and window. For example, the selection standard of aluminum alloy and the technological level of glass are the keys to determining the quality. If the door and window products are made of high-standard aluminum profiles, first-class materials, and special craft glass, the quality of such doors and windows will naturally be good and stable, and the price will of course be expensive. .

Manufacturing process of doors and windows

"It is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice", and the same is true for doors and windows. There are good materials, but also need to have exquisite craftsmanship. A door and window process involves a series of processes such as cutting, assembling, aluminum alloy surface treatment, and painting. Without experience in the door and window industry, companies cannot produce high-quality, high-quality products. Such as: whether the surface smoothness, color and luster are uniform, not fading, not falling paint, the treatment of vacuum fluorocarbon paint surface, the surface oxidation of aluminum alloy profiles, electrophoresis, spraying, fluorocarbon, etc. all require technology and craftsmanship, which have to go through hundreds of procedures The process can only be completed, so it makes sense that this kind of doors and windows are expensive.

Hardware accessories for doors and windows

Small parts play a big role, the stability and durability of a door and window, and hardware accessories play a decisive role. Generally speaking, a good door and window will use imported or high-quality hardware accessories, such as: German Noto, Sigiriya, Sobinko and other hardware, such high-quality doors and windows are naturally different from other doors and windows in value. .

The performance of doors and windows

The performance of a door and window is also the value of distinguishing a door and window. It is also determined by profiles, processes, hardware accessories, etc. Therefore, the performance of doors and windows mainly depends on the overall design of sound insulation, heat insulation, water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, etc., so that you can be in a bustling city or thunderstorm. Weather, as long as you sit at home, you can enjoy an elegant and comfortable life. Can such doors and windows performance be more expensive than others?