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What is a system door and window, and why does it save energy?


my country is a big energy-consuming country. In order to reduce energy consumption, the country has carried out many energy-saving changes. Among the total energy of building envelopes, the energy consumption of building doors and windows accounts for 49% of its energy consumption.

The position of energy-saving doors and windows in the energy-saving system:

Building doors and windows are relatively weak in thermal insulation performance of buildings. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in order to create a comfortable living environment, indoor cooling or heating methods are becoming more and more common. Doors and windows are one of the surface enclosures of buildings. , directly affects the energy-saving performance of buildings, and improving the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows is the main way to ensure energy consumption of buildings.

Because we don’t have a deep understanding of the doors and windows of energy-saving systems, we can see on the brochures of many buildings: “The doors and windows of a certain building use the energy-saving doors and windows of a certain brand of heat-insulating broken bridge aluminum profiles” or “the doors and windows of a certain building use a certain brand of energy-saving doors and windows” Energy-saving doors and windows of Low-E insulating glass.” For energy-saving doors and windows, is it only energy-saving doors and windows that use only the spacer and broken bridge profiles or only use Low-E insulating glass? What is the real energy-saving doors and windows? The old woodworker Luban doors and windows will introduce you

So-called energy-saving systems:

The so-called real energy-saving system doors and windows are not a single use of partition bridge aluminum profiles or the use of Low-E insulating glass energy-saving materials, it is a combination of systems, the comprehensive results of the performance of each link, and it is indispensable to measure whether building doors and windows are energy-saving. Three elements are mainly considered, namely heat convection, heat conduction and heat radiation

The main functions of the system doors and windows are as follows:

Protect the health of occupants by creating a healthy and comfortable environment;

Protect building structures and decorative structures from condensation or rain that naturally occurs in the air;

Reduce energy consumption for heating and air conditioning;

Reduce maintenance and operating costs.

The system door and window process is also different from the ordinary door and window process. The process pursuit is more systematic, and the rigor of the production process is greatly improved. In the past, everyone thought that as long as the glue injection process was the system doors and windows, this statement was wrong. The production process of system doors and windows does not depend on glue injection, but a more humanized design, which is convenient for installation and improves the sealing effect of doors and windows.

In the era of green building, system doors and windows are one of the ways to effectively reduce building energy consumption. In response to the call, people have purchased system doors and windows to reduce the energy consumption of door and window resources. But not all doors and windows advertised as "system doors and windows" are energy efficient. Therefore, when purchasing doors and windows, everyone should pay attention to screening the energy-saving performance configuration of system doors and windows, and choose the system doors and windows that are suitable for their own home life.