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Types of doors and windows and how to open


In modern cities, historical buildings and high-rise buildings complement each other. No matter what era the building is, doors and windows are an important part of the building, especially in the modern building area, which occupies a considerable proportion. In addition to the functions of ventilation, lighting, and heat insulation, doors and windows also have a great impact on the aesthetics of the building. Most families have to consider what type of doors and windows to choose when decorating, but because there are so many types, the purchase of doors and windows will make everyone feel a little difficult. So, today, let Baydee uPVC Profiles give you a brief introduction to the types of doors and windows based on the characteristics of existing door and window profiles on the market.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows

Aluminum alloy doors and windows refer to doors and windows made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles as frames, stiles and fans, called aluminum alloy doors and windows, or aluminum doors and windows for short. According to different materials and properties, aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into conventional aluminum alloy doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Conventional aluminum alloy doors and windows

Conventional aluminum alloy doors and windows have light weight, high strength and good airtight performance. The frame material of aluminum alloy doors and windows, after oxidation and electrolytic coloring treatment, can be colored silver white, bronze, dark red and other colors, and can be colored with patterns. The aluminum alloy doors and windows made of it have beautiful appearance, smooth surface, bright and firm color, and enhance the decorative effect of indoor and outdoor facades.

Advantages: not easy to rust, easy to process, suitable for large-scale industrial production, relatively low price, light weight, easy to handle, and fast installation progress. It can be made into very complex cross-section and structure, and can carry out special adaptive transformation.

Disadvantages: high thermal conductivity, poor sealing.

Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows

The broken bridge aluminum alloy window has high strength, good rigidity and light weight, and has very good fire resistance, corrosion resistance and environmental protection. And take into account the requirements of fashion.

Advantages: The technical content is improved, and the thermal conductivity is reduced.

Disadvantages: Profiles need secondary processing to wear heat insulation strips, and the shear capacity of heat insulation strips is weaker than that of aluminum alloys.

The rapid development of the door and window industry has made door and window products rich and diverse in both styles and functions, and more and more patterns of opening methods. When purchasing door and window products, have you also been confused about how doors and windows are opened? Which door and window opening method is right for you?

Casement doors and windows

Performance advantages: good ventilation and sealing, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. Casement windows are divided into external opening windows and inward opening windows. The inward-opening type is convenient for cleaning windows, and the outward-opening type does not take up space when opened.

Disadvantages of performance: When the inward-opening window is opened, it will occupy part of the indoor space. When children play, they will touch the corner of the window without paying attention, and the curtains cannot be drawn when they are opened. When the outward opening window is opened, the wind area is large and it is easily damaged. In some places, it is forbidden to install outward opening windows at high altitudes.

Switch operation: When opening, rotate the control handle like the inside of the glass by 90 degrees, and pull the handle to open the doors and windows. When closing, turn the control handle 90 in the opposite direction of the opening operation.

Inward opening and inverted doors and windows

Performance advantages: 1: Optimize ventilation performance to make the exchange of indoor and outdoor air smooth, comfortable and soft. 2: Improve safety Compared with external casement or internal casement windows, it is very safe and has anti-theft performance. :3: Dustproof and rainproof, easy to clean

Performance disadvantages: Because the opening gap is relatively small, the ventilation performance of doors and windows is not so strong.

Closing operation: Rotate 180° to the glass side from the locked state to the inverting state, and pull the handle inward to open the fan to invert. When closing, first push the opening fan until it is completely closed, and then rotate the handle reversely by 180° to lock the opening fan.

Open top-hung doors and windows

Performance advantages: 1: Let the natural air circulate naturally, the indoor air is fresh, and the possibility of rainwater entering the room is excluded. 2: The safety and anti-theft performance are very good. 3: It is convenient and safe to clean the outer surface of the window. 4. Good sealing and thermal insulation performance.

Disadvantages of performance: open the upper-hung window, it is inconvenient to scrub, and the safety is slightly lower. If the installation is not qualified, there is a possibility of falling from high altitude. There are more hardware accessories used than inward-opening inward-turning windows, so the price of the outward-opening top-hung windows is slightly higher than that of inward-opening and inner-turning windows.

Switch operation: Rotate the control handle 180 degrees to the outside of the window sash, pull the handle to open the upper suspension, and close the handle in the opposite direction of opening, turn the handle to the closed position, and lock the open sash

Left and right sliding doors and windows

Performance advantages: easy to use, safe and reliable, long service life, relatively free to choose the window opening position and vent, and do not occupy indoor space when opening. Open in one plane, it is convenient to install and use screen windows and curtains. relatively economical

Lack of money for performance: the maximum opening degree can only reach 1/2 of the entire window area; in windy and rainy days, the window can only be closed and cannot be ventilated; the sealing of sliding windows is poor.

Opening and closing operation: The opening and closing of the window sash is realized by the external force acting on the window sash to drive the pulley to roll and track.

The above are the types of doors and windows and some opening methods summarized for you by Baydee uPVC Profiles. I hope you can choose the doors and windows that suit you according to your own conditions.