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How long will the system windows and doors last?


my country's modern building doors and windows industry has developed since the early 1980s. It has gone through 30 years of market baptism and evolution. Ordinary doors and windows with poor performance have always dominated the Chinese market. Building doors and windows are still the largest energy consumers in my country's buildings.

Broken bridge aluminum door and window system doors and windows, as the mainstream door and window products, has become a door and window material generally recognized by the public, so how long can a door and window be used? Baydee uPVC Profiles will tell you!

System windows and doors have a longer average practical lifespan. According to foreign research on system windows and doors, "the average actual service life of system windows is 15 to 30 years, while the actual service life of ordinary doors and windows is 5 to 15 years", which shows the huge gap between system windows and ordinary windows.

According to the test results of weather resistance, thermal insulation and sound insulation of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, the aging process of rigid PVC is a very slow process, and the service life of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can reach about 20-30 years.

There are two major factors that affect the service life of doors and windows:

Door and window quality

Buying broken bridge aluminum doors and windows must not be cheap!

Two or three hundred can buy real broken bridge aluminum? Do not make jokes! It must be the doors and windows made of inferior aluminum profiles and inferior rubber strips.

Inferior aluminum profiles are relatively thin, easy to deform and sag, and have a short service life. Inferior rubber strips not only have poor sealing performance, but also emit many harmful substances and destroy people's health.

Door and window hardware accessories are also very important. Good broken bridge aluminum doors and windows will also be equipped with good hardware, which is not easy to rust and corrode. Once there is a problem with inferior hardware, it will affect the opening and closing of real doors and windows.

installation process

The following matters should be paid attention to when installing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, which will affect the life of broken bridge doors and windows.

Check whether the hardware of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is flexible and smooth.

The sealing strip of the casement window should be freely replaceable, as the sealing strip has a shorter lifespan than the window.

During installation, the horizontal and vertical alignment of doors and windows should be supervised. Styrofoam should be used for filling between the window frame and the wall, and silicon copper glue or sealant should be used for the inside and outside of the window frame.

The above are the points to look at when judging doors and windows. The quality of aluminum is the key and the general direction. The second is whether the quality of hardware is guaranteed. In the whole door and window, the parts are the role of fasteners. There are no buttons, and the quality of clothing is the same. Can not be recognized, so to judge the service life of doors and windows, the identification of these two points is indispensable.

When buying things, if consumers don't know how to identify quality problems, they can refer to the above points and consider two aspects of product quality. If you want to buy doors and windows with a longer service life, in addition to choosing good quality when purchasing, you should also pay attention to later use and maintenance. Maintenance will also extend the service life to a certain extent.