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What are the benefits of installing subframes for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


In life, we will find that the more beautiful things are, the more care and maintenance are needed. In fact, the doors and windows of the house are the same.

In order to maintain a beautiful appearance and smooth opening and closing, it also needs to pay attention to maintenance. You must know that once there is a problem with doors and windows, it will bring great inconvenience to family life. Therefore, the maintenance of doors and windows cannot be ignored.

The heating object should be kept away from the aluminum doors and windows to prevent the doors and windows from being deformed by heat

Do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf of aluminum shutters or prevent sharp objects from being bumped or scratched. When opening or closing the door leaf, do not use too much force or open the door too much to prevent damage to the doors and windows.

It is necessary to regularly check various parts and joints of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and repair or replace them in time if they are found to be damaged, loose or deformed.

Regular cleaning, the function of doors and windows is to block or help contact the outside world, which is easy to accumulate dust. To keep doors and windows clean, regular cleaning is required. When cleaning, try not to use strong alkaline liquid cleaning agents such as soapy water and washing powder. Strong alkaline cleaners are corrosive and wear out windows and doors faster. The door lock should minimize the contact with water, otherwise, the door lock will rust over time, which will damage the performance of the door lock.

Maintenance of accessories, maintenance of door and window accessories should be paid attention to. Hinges, sealing strips, etc. are all accessories that are easily worn in daily use, and lubricating oil should be added regularly or in time. Wipe and wax more to keep it smooth and moving. The sealing strip and glass glue should be replaced in time after long-term use, otherwise the comprehensive functionality of doors and windows will deteriorate.

After the maintenance, Baydee uPVC Profiles will tell you about the benefits of installing subframes on doors and windows:

The sub-frame of doors and windows is called the attached frame and the protective frame. According to the material, it can be divided into: steel sub-frame, aluminum alloy sub-frame, wooden sub-frame, etc.

The door and window frame is fixed on the wall and used to install the door and window frame. It is generally used for 70 series and below profiles. If the window needs to be covered with a window cover (window entrance), the tiles need to be pasted around the window, and the top of the window needs to be suspended. It is necessary to add an additional frame, because the frame of the 70 series and below profiles is relatively narrow, and there will be obstacles to the opening of doors and windows.

The advantage of installing sub-frames is that there will be gaps on both sides of the doors and windows after installation, which is not very beautiful, but after adding sub-frames, all the gaps can be covered, which is functionally equivalent to the dumb opening of doors and windows, but adding sub-frames requires a separate fee cost.

Subframes are basically installed now, because installing subframes is good for the firmness of window installation, finished product protection, thermal insulation effect, and installation accuracy. In the newly built building, because the size of the door and window openings of the building house is not very standardized, after installing the sub-frame, the processing size of the doors and windows can be determined more accurately. The sub-frame plays a role in sizing and positioning the doors and windows. Generally speaking, large-scale projects require the installation of subframes, so that the standardization is stronger.

Make up for the gap between the door and window profiles and the wall, which is conducive to waterproofing; enhance the flatness of the doors and windows in the horizontal and vertical directions; after the positioning and installation of the sub-frame, the size and position of the doors and windows are determined. When processing the wall surface structure, It will not damage or scratch the surface of the doors and windows, and play a role in protecting the doors and windows.