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The production process of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows


We only know how to choose the finished products of broken bridge aluminum windows, but we don’t know how the production process of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are very popular for their good sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, dustproof, fire prevention and other properties. Today, Baydee uPVC Profiles will share with you the production process of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows:

Profile incoming quality inspection

Requirements: The surface is clean, uniform in color, free from aluminum chips, burrs, peeling, corrosion spots, flow marks and coating defects. The same batch of materials produced by the same manufacturer shall be inspected as one batch, and 3% of each batch shall be randomly selected and no less than 5 pieces shall be inspected. But the recommendation for less than 10 sticks is full inspection.

Inspection method: Observe the appearance under natural light.

Accessories knowledge

Door and window accessories:

Door and window accessories are mainly hardware, sealing materials, auxiliary materials, etc.

The hardware mainly includes: transmission handle, spinning handle, hinge (hinge), transmission lock, sliding support, bolt, lock point, lock, pulley and swing suspension system.

Sealing materials: rubber strips, wool strips, sealing blocks, auxiliary files, windproof blocks, glue, etc.

Hardware warehousing inspection:

Appearance Quality:

The product is in good shape, with no cracks on the surface, smooth surface, no edge burrs and mechanical damage; if 5% of the total number of hardware products in this batch is unqualified, the random inspection should be doubled. If it is still unqualified, it will be judged as unqualified.

The raw materials sent directly to the construction site are checked and accepted by the person in charge of the project department, and the raw materials entering the company are checked and accepted by the factory quality inspection department.

Inspection method: Observe under natural light conditions.

Door and window production process

Design (drawing optimization) - profile ordering - profile blanking - profile processing (punching, pressing, drilling, milling) - rubber strips - gusset code - frame corners - hinges (or linkage rods) - handles -Glass installation-Finished product assembly-Inspection and warehousing-Confirm order delivery.

Door and window assembly

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are generally assembled in three ways: 45-degree angle butt, right-angle butt and vertical butt.

Door and window quality inspection

The material processing should be completed in the processing plant to ensure the beautiful appearance and the fineness of the angle (45 degrees); each corner of the aluminum alloy doors and windows must be treated with double-angle code injection to prevent water seepage (two-component injection: guard , Almighty); pay attention to the quality of the partition strips in the glass, control the levelness, verticality (within 2mm error), and the overlapping position of the internal and external sash partition strips.

protection or packaging

Qualified finished products must be packaged after inspection to prevent damage to doors and windows during transportation. The packaging should stick evenly to the profile with a protective film.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows installation standard

After the aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows are installed and fixed in the door and window frame, the door and window sash with the glass is installed as a whole into the chute in the frame, and the gap with the sash can be adjusted.

The aluminum alloy casement doors and windows are assembled on the wall with the frame and the fan frame, installed and fixed, and then the glass is installed, that is, the gap between the frame and the fan is adjusted first, and then the glass is placed in the fan and adjusted in position, and then the sealing strips and seals are inlaid. glue.

After reading today's sharing, you will have a new understanding of the production steps of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows! Follow Baydee uPVC Profiles to learn the knowledge of doors and windows without getting lost!