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What is a door and window corner?


Due to the different room types, the windows in the home are not the same, for example, some are right-angle, and some are in-line. Today, I want to share with you the benefits of corner windows.

No matter how big the area is, and no matter how many floors it is on, as long as there is a corner window, it means more natural light, a wider and farther view, a more transparent sense of space, and the open-mindedness and calmness that comes from looking into the distance from time to time. In a noisy metropolis, there are better conditions to see the clouds and clouds in the sky. Such a life, thinking about it, feels both luxurious and happy.

So what is a corner? Baydee uPVC Profiles gives you the background on corners:

Corners are often used at the opposite corners of doors or windows, and some doors or windows are not at 90 degrees. The profiles on the two sides are connected together, so as to complete the various action requirements of the doors and windows during the opening and closing process. However, the ordinary corner device cannot solve the problem that the angle of the corner frame is fixed, and different angles require different aluminum alloy profile molds. It cannot be used for corner connection of door and window frames at any angle between 60 degrees and 140 degrees. Profile moulding costs, complex installation, slow on-site construction and low efficiency

Function: When the two windows are not on the same line and form a certain angle, the corner should be used. The main function of the corner is to connect with one another and also play the role of a column.

FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a corner of a building aluminum alloy door and window, in particular to a corner with an adjustable angle.

Background Art With the diversification and aesthetics of buildings, there are more and more corner windows, and the angles of the corners are diversified, not limited to the frequently used angles of 90°, 120°, 135°, 270°, etc.; On the one hand, the thickness and size series of aluminum alloy doors and windows are also required by different customer groups, so the corner profiles are correspondingly different.

In our daily life, we often see a one-line window, and a 7-shaped corner window with a corner, although there is only one more window, is more perfect in terms of lighting and design applications. The corner window is a representative of fashion and beauty, and uses the corner to expand the space. Such a beautiful corner window, facing the first ray of morning light in the morning, the warm sun shines on the face, full of vitality.