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What kind of experience is the special-shaped window?


There is no doubt about the position of windows in interior decoration. It is the medium connecting indoor and outdoor, which affects indoor lighting and is also an important part of wall design. Most of the windows we usually see are square, but in fact, the design of windows is far more than that. There are many types of windows. such a visual experience.

round window

The circle is recognized as a very good geometric figure in the world, which contains rich emotions and changeable visual forms. The circular design will give people a unique visual enjoyment in shape, and has an innate sense of intimacy. Compared with other graphics, the circular shape is more natural, simple and simple, and it can bring us a warm and rounded feeling. Addicted to it.

arched window

Arches give people a sense of harmony and solemnity, and the coordination of arcs can often bring a unique and timeless beauty. Incorporating an arched design into a window creates a unique artistic feel. The soft lines of the arched design can well neutralize the edges and corners of the interior, and are more decorative and artistic than ordinary right-angled lines.

Curved window

Things are opposites, straight and curved. The curved window has a natural and beautiful arc, which not only has the visual effect of extending the space, but also makes the space more designable. The curvature of the curved window can buffer the abruptness of the space, soften the space through the curved surface, and a simple arc can create a stunning visual effect.

fan shape

Fan-shaped, the shape of the window is the fan-shaped shape. This type of window was originally common in the design of classical gardens. Because of its simplicity and elegance, and the unique framed scenery, it is now gradually applied to modern home design.

The above-mentioned special-shaped windows with design characteristics, which ones have you seen? If you have seen more unique special-shaped windows, welcome to communicate with Baydee uPVC Profiles~