SES210+ lifting sliding door






Heat transfer coefficient K value








glass configuration:5TL+16Ar+5T+16Ar+5TL (warm edge spacer)


sound insulation performance: Rw ≥ 40dB


wind pressure strength: 7


air tightness: 8


water tightness: 5 (≥ 700pa)



1.Innovative sealing design, the closed-loop sealing of the rubber strip is completed between the frame fans during the locking process, and the sealing structure like the casement window is realized.


2.The patented water-expanding rubber strip is used outside the door leaf.

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Frame fan size

Door frame thickness 194mm (without screen door), 256mm (with screen door), door leaf thickness 82mm


Profile wall thickness: The wall thickness of the frame fan is 3.0mm, which is higher than the national Class A standard.


Glass configuration: range 22mm-52mm, glass embedding depth 25mm, glass spacers use German Tylenol warm side spacers to ensure better insulation performance and reduce heat transfer at the edge of the glass.


German (ROTO) hardware, optional Austrian MACO (hidden hardware), Germany G-U


1.Single bearing capacity 300–400 kg.


2.Handle operation is simple, even for heavy-duty fans, the door leaf can be opened comfortably without further lifting; the special design of the special pulley and guide rail ensures almost zero resistance, quiet and wear-free push-pull;


3.Concealed hardware, the door is uniformly distributed around the door, forced to lock, determine the quantity and position according to individual needs, to ensure the highest sealing and safety.

Customizable limit size

The maximum opening fan can reach 2500x2500mm.


Opening method: Lifting the sliding door can realize fixed + single push and pull, double push and pull, and four push and pull.


Visible surface technology:
1.double-sided coating

2.inner coating (RENOLIT) outer buckle aluminum

3.inner coating outer environmental protection water-based paint


Execution standard: GB/T8814-2017; tested by German laboratory, it has reached the highest level of watertightness and airtightness of the European standard.


Scope of application: Passive ultra-low energy new construction or renovation project for larger hole requirements


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