LOW-E energy-saving insulating glass

LOW-E energy-saving composite glass products have become the first choice for modern architecture. Its function is no longer simple wind and rain, but it is a combination of insulation, heat insulation, energy saving, beauty, quiet, safety and so on. It provides a comfortable living space that is warm in winter and cool in summer, pleasant in all seasons, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and transparent.

Single silver LOW-E hollow glass products

Product Features:

1.High visible light transmittance: natural light, transparent effect.

2.lower shading coefficient SC: effectively limiting the transmission of solar thermal radiation, especially near-infrared heat radiation;

3.extremely high mid-range infrared reflectance: excellent thermal insulation performance, lower U value.



Scope of application:

(1) The cold northern region. In winter, the solar radiation enters the room through the glass to increase the heat energy in the room, while the infrared rays emitted from the indoor heating, home appliances, and human body are reflected and reflected back into the room, effectively reducing the heating energy consumption;

(2) Applicable to residential buildings with transparent, transparent and natural lighting, villas, high-rise and multi-storey houses, effectively avoiding “light pollution” hazards;

(3) The use of synthetic hollow glass makes the energy saving effect even better.

Double silver LOW-E hollow glass products

Double silver LOW-E glass, named for its double-layered silver surface in the film layer, is a more complicated one of the LOW-E glass film structure and is an advanced LOW-E glass. It highlights the shielding effect of glass on solar heat radiation, and combines the high light transmittance of glass with the low permeability of solar heat radiation. Therefore, compared with ordinary LOW-E glass, the same visible light transmittance. It has a lower solar transmittance.



Performance advantage:






Scope of application:

Applicable to hot summer and cold winter areas, suitable for public buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings, etc.


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