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What are the precautions for opening doors and windows?


The rainy season is coming, and living a comfortable life starts with choosing doors and windows!

In the peak season of decoration in May, friends who need home decoration have begun to dispatch again. However, as a home improvement novice owner, I can't distinguish many doors and windows knowledge. The opening method is one of the problems of doors and windows. If the choice is not good, it will leak air and water every minute, and it may also cause safety problems such as accidental injury.

1. Windproof performance of profiles

Windproof performance is an important feature of doors and windows, especially for high-rise residential windows. Baydee uPVC Profile products are made of high-quality multi-cavity structural profiles, which have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and high toughness. Through advanced equipment, high-precision cutting is realized, and the assembly and splicing are strict. rain.

2. Compressive properties of glass

Glass has always been an important part of home improvement doors and windows, accounting for 80% of the entire door and window area, and plays a major role in the weatherproof performance of doors and windows. Baydee uPVC Profile products use 3C-certified automotive-grade hollow safety double-layer glass, which has good compression and impact resistance, high flatness, and excellent water tightness and air tightness. more assured.

3. Sealing structure of doors and windows

The sealing structure of doors and windows directly affects the air tightness and water tightness of doors and windows. The rigorous sealing structure design of doors and windows can prevent water vapor from entering and rainwater leakage, and can keep the house dry. Baydee uPVC Profile products are sealed with EPDM EPDM sealing tape with excellent sealing, which is resistant to aging, colorfast and well sealed. In addition, the 90° corner uses a special glue angle to transfer the overall continuous sealing surface of the profile to ensure that the doors and windows have good sound insulation, waterproof and windproof performance.

4. Drainage design of doors and windows

The drainage design of doors and windows is not a small problem. If the drainage is not done well, water leakage and seepage are more likely to occur in rainy days, which will make people miserable.

5. Cornering process of doors and windows

The corner forming process of doors and windows has a great influence on the sealing of doors and windows. If the assembly structure is unreasonable, the gap of the window frame will be too large, causing the doors and windows to leak air and rain. Baydee uPVC Profile system doors and windows use cast aluminum corner code and stainless steel pin glue injection process, which greatly improves the structural strength, sealing and safety, and the corner connection strength is higher; the angle code glue is more reasonable, and the corner sealing performance is better.

Baydee uPVC Profile focuses on the production of doors and windows, adopts process equipment imported from Germany and Italy, and has superior performance experience, and is committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective doors and windows for the majority of users. One-stop personalized customization of doors and windows for the whole house, free measuring ruler design, and lifetime maintenance guarantee, make your choice more secure.