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Windows installation steps and preparations before installation


The installation of doors and windows in home improvement must be indispensable. The installation of doors and windows is not only for the protection of the family, but also for the influence of many other factors. Therefore, today, Baydee uPVC Profile will talk about the preparations for the installation of home windows, and the installation steps to pay attention to.

1. Trial installation of the door leaf Before the formal installation, check the size error of the door leaf and whether there is warping deformation. You can use the comparison method of installing the door leaf into the door bolt, or accurately measure the dimensions of the door leaf and door bolt. For the comparison method, the dimensional error between the door leaf and the door bolt should be known, and the side of the door leaf should be planed according to the dimensional error of the door leaf, and the door leaf seam should be trimmed. If the height of the door leaf is too large, the lower head of the door leaf can be planed. If the width of the door leaf is too large, the two frames of the door should be trimmed to ensure that the width and size of each head and frame are roughly the same. For multiple doors and windows, try to install them on the ground parallel to the seam. When trimming the seam, it is necessary to repeatedly try the installation, and planing while trying to avoid excessive planing, until the installation of the door leaf and the door bolt meets the installation requirements. Under normal circumstances, the seam of the door leaf is 1.5~25mm, the seam between the bottom of the door and the door bolt, and the ground is: 5mm for the outer door, 5mm for the inner door, and 12mm for the bathroom.

2. Preparation work, first prepare the screws to be used next, insert the self-tapping screws into the plastic expansion tube, and twist them upright. Then power up the socket and get the tools ready.

3. Clean up the window. After the window is built, there will be many protruding cement bricks, etc., try to knock it off and make it flat. It can be knocked out with a hammer drill.

4. After cleaning the window, you can put the pre-assembled window frame into the window. Generally, the window frame made by measuring the data in advance is easy to put in, but the error is unavoidable. Some can be slowly knocked in with a hammer. If it cannot be put in, use an impact drill to block the wall of the window frame. knock out.

5. After putting the window frame into the window, make sure that the window frame is positive. At this time, we can use a tape measure to measure whether the diagonal length of the window frame is the same. If it is the same, it is straightened. position of the window frame.

6. Apply styrofoam. After the window is adjusted, you need to apply styrofoam to fill the gap between the window frame and the wall. After the styrofoam is cured (usually 2-3 hours, longer in winter), cut off the excess styrofoam.

7. Install the window sash and other accessories. After fixing the window frame, install the window sash and other accessories. Be careful when installing.

8. Apply sealant. After applying styrofoam, apply sealant evenly around the window frame to prevent rainwater from seeping into the room from the installation gap between the window and the wall.

The above points are the precautions for window installation that Baydee uPVC Profile summarizes for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. We will share other door and window knowledge in the next issue.