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5 things to pay attention to when buying broken bridge aluminum doors and windows


How to choose broken bridge aluminum windows?

Good doors and windows and standardized construction ensure that doors and windows are durable and beautiful, so how to choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? Baydee uPVC Profile simply gives you some suggestions, hoping to help friends who want to choose aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges but have no idea where to start.

1. The selection of broken bridge aluminum windows is not just about broken bridge aluminum

This sentence is not a myth, but a common problem of most people, and it is also a trick that businesses like to play. There are many factors that make up the price of broken bridge aluminum windows. Aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, rubber strips, after-sales, etc. are all factors that make up the price. A 100-300/ping is not an exaggeration at all.

Of course, the aluminum profile of the broken bridge is very important, and it is indeed the more important point of the aluminum window of the broken bridge, but it is too one-sided to only look at the aluminum profile of the broken bridge.

2. What suits you is good

When I went to the store, the merchant showed you the 70 profile, and you felt that the 55 profile was too narrow. When I show you the glass with three glass and two cavities, you will feel that the ordinary hollow is as thin as paper. After showing you the hardware inside and outside, you will feel that the casement window occupies one-third of the area of ​​your home. But, have you ever wondered which one is right for your home? For all commodities, the price is often unlimited, there are good ones, there are better ones, and there are better ones.

3. Shop around

How does this compare? Try to understand the professional term that the first company speaks. Ask other companies if they have any, and ask them to tell you about it. When you get to another family, you will understand the meaning of this professional term, etc. When you say a lot of professional terms, when the businessman is talking nonsense, you will know. The comparison is understanding, not just the price.

4.aluminum wall thickness

The wall thickness of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows should not be less than 1.4mm, and the new national standard is 1.8mm, but this is a building type with good climate and less than 6 floors. I suggest that 1.4mm is enough. In fact, after the doors and windows are installed, we cannot see the wall thickness, so when purchasing again, the merchant must test the wall thickness of the sample corner on site. This procedure cannot be saved.

5. hardware accessories

Hardware accessories are the heart of doors and windows, no matter if you don't understand doors and windows, you should ask them clearly. In fact, there is a little secret in the door and window industry, that is, the warranty period of hardware accessories. How to judge whether it is good or not? You can directly ask the warranty period. For example, don’t choose hardware packages for 1 year or even half a year. is five years. Also, remember what the business promises to be written in the contract.

6. Brand

Brand is the endorsement of product quality. The bigger the brand, the less likely there will be problems with product details, otherwise it will inevitably pay a huge cost. The confusion in the door and window industry is caused by small brands and no brands. Eighty percent of inferior products can be filtered out through brand screening.

As can be seen from the above, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are generally made of solid stainless steel and some transparent glass, so that they can look beautiful from the outside, and will not be lost after long-term use. Therefore, it is a new type of product with multiple factors of practicality and high cost performance. Further, it can be found that the glass used for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows should also be paid special attention to in the selection. Need, I believe this can achieve satisfactory results.