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What aspects should you look for when purchasing doors and windows?


Doors and windows will not choose? Check out the pit avoidance guide.

It's not that we don't want to buy a good window, it's just that we don't know how to choose a good window. Especially in the case that the door and window industry has a huge market, it has caused the uneven situation of door and window enterprises. Coupled with many door and window stores introducing their product advantages, it is even more difficult for us to distinguish the quality of windows.

Windows have the properties of air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation and heat insulation, wind pressure resistance, etc. These practical properties are our main requirements and the first consideration.

When purchasing doors and windows, the preferred choice is broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. The insulation strips used in the middle of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are filled with PA66 nylon insulation strips, which can effectively isolate heat transfer and improve thermal insulation.

For the choice of glass, double-layer hollow tempered glass is preferred, and the good tempered glass has the 3C certification mark. This mark is laser-coded in the glass production process, so it cannot be washed or buckled, and cannot be faked. If you want to be warm in winter and cool in summer, you can also remember to ask the store to fill the hollow part of the glass with an inert gas - argon, which can better keep warm.

The hardware accessories of doors and windows are very critical. After all, accidents of doors and windows falling have occurred from time to time in recent years, and you will be afraid when you think about it. When it comes to the pits of hardware, I suggest that you don't believe that the so-called "original hardware" and "original hardware" of the merchants are just low-cost and small factories producing miscellaneous hardware accessories. In addition, don't buy cheap hardware accessories. There are many counterfeit and high imitation hardware accessories on the market. You must learn to distinguish them. Measure the weight and texture of the hardware by hand, and check the anti-counterfeiting labels.

Sealing strips can generally be divided into sealing strips and sealing wool strips. Sealing strips are generally suitable for casement windows, and sealing wool strips are generally used for sliding windows. The use of the two is different. Generally, good sealing strips use EPDM. It is easy to age and deform, which directly affects the sound insulation effect and waterproofness of the broken bridge aluminum.

When purchasing doors and windows, not only should pay attention to the quality of the door and window materials and craftsmanship, but also pay attention to the performance of the doors and windows. Because performance is an important factor in judging the quality of doors and windows.

Doors and windows are not soundproof and sleep well at night, which not only affects work and study during the day, but also harms our health and reduces the quality of life. Therefore, to buy doors and windows or to buy high-performance door and window products.

The waterproof performance of doors and windows is not good. Whenever it is windy and rainy, the doors and windows are prone to water seepage, water leakage, and even rainwater backflow.

If you want the doors and windows of the new house to be satisfactory, in addition to choosing reliable brand products, we should also pay attention to the design and installation services of the merchants (measurement, installation, after-sales, etc. Whether the services in all aspects are sound).

In addition, brand doors and windows can allow consumers to experience personalized customization, including home style matching, regional climate considerations, and consumer usage habits. It is a good solution to adapt to local conditions and consider carefully.

After all, the doors and windows in the home will be used for decades, so it is recommended to choose a better brand! Baydee uPVC Profile hopes that everyone can choose doors and windows that meet their needs and are of good quality and price~