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Maintenance guide for plastic steel swing doors, precautions for using plastic steel swing doors


Abstract: Plastic steel door is a kind of door that is often used in home decoration, and swing door is one of them. Maybe everyone attaches great importance to the quality of plastic steel swing doors, and they are also carefully selected when purchasing, but it is easy to ignore its maintenance in normal use. Plastic steel casement doors should pay attention to the precautions for use and the methods of maintenance and cleaning during such use.

【Plastic Steel Swing Door】Plastic Steel Swing Door Maintenance Guide Precautions for Using Plastic Steel Swing Door

As a home building material that we often use, the plastic steel door should be how to maintain it?

1. Smooth installation

Smooth installation is the prerequisite for correct use of plastic steel doors and windows. The owner should carefully test whether the installation of plastic steel doors and windows is firm and smooth when closing the house. Repeatedly push and pull, open and close several times, and pay attention to whether it is smooth and reliable, and there is no improper opening and closing or abnormal noise. If so, request rework or replacement immediately.

2. Frequent cleaning

The slide rails, grooves and other parts of plastic-steel doors and windows are the most likely to accumulate dust, and these parts should be cleaned thoroughly frequently. Otherwise, it is easy to produce jerky phenomenon or abnormal noise when pushing and pulling, opening and closing. In severe cases, the drain hole will be blocked to cause water leakage to the room, which will bring economic losses to the owner.

3. Protect hardware

The importance of hardware has now been recognized by everyone. It can be said that whether a set of plastic steel doors and windows is easy to use depends largely on the quality and use of the hardware. Therefore, when we use plastic-steel doors and windows daily, we must use moderate force and not yank and yank, so as to prevent damage to the hardware of plastic-steel doors and windows and cause inconvenience to future use. In addition, special cleaning agents should be used to clean plastic-steel doors and windows to maximize the protection of the smoothness of plastic-steel doors and windows panels and hardware.

4. Prevent hard objects from scratching

Plastic steel doors and windows are most afraid of being scratched (bumped) by hard objects. Once it is scratched (crashed), it cannot be repaired, and the scratched (crashed) column and groove will affect the normal use of our plastic steel doors and windows due to cracking, deformation, etc. In severe cases, only the damaged plastic steel doors and windows can be replaced. .

5. If the doors and windows are contaminated with oil stains and other things that are difficult to clean, you can use Jieerliang to scrub them, but it is best not to use strong acid or strong alkali solutions for cleaning, which will not only easily damage the surface finish of the profiles, but also damage the surface of the hardware The protective film and oxide layer of the metal will cause corrosion of the hardware, especially when some customers clean the wall with sulfuric acid, be careful not to let the doors and windows be contaminated.

6. The granular and other sundries inside the frame should be cleaned in time to prevent them from blocking the drainage channel and causing poor drainage and water leakage.

7. Whether there are cracks in the welding seams of the door and window frames and fans, of course, it must be checked and accepted during the installation process. If there are cracks, the installer is required to re-install and weld. Whether the doors and windows have obvious deformation, warping, or sagging of the casement sash. If these conditions occur, you must pay attention to them during normal use, beware of safety problems, and find professionals to repair them.

8. When opening doors and windows, the strength should be moderate, and the speed should be kept even when opening and closing.

9. Try to avoid hitting the doors and windows with hard objects or scratching the surface of the profile.

10. When it is found that the doors and windows are not flexible to open or other abnormal conditions during use, the cause should be found in time. If the customer cannot eliminate the fault, he can contact the door and window manufacturer and supplier so that the fault can be eliminated in time.