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Top-hung window hardware, what is the opening angle of the top-hung window


Abstract: Top-hung windows are commonly known as outward-turning windows, so top-hung windows usually refer to outward-opening top-hung windows by default. Top-hung windows that open outwards The hinges (hinges) are installed on the upper side of the window and open to the outside. With the gradual personalization of people's aesthetics, many people began to choose top-hung windows as their own decoration choice. So what are the top hung window hardware? What is the opening angle of the top hung window? What are the advantages of top-hung windows? Let's see it together!

[Top-hung window] Top-hung window hardware What is the opening angle of the top-hung window

Top-hung window hardware

The hinge of the top-hung window is installed on the upper part of the window frame, so its main hardware is the special hinge for the top-hung window. In addition, top-hung windows also need to be equipped with special wind braces, top-hung window handles, locking levers and locking points. This kind of hardware must be used in the type specially designed for the top-hung window. Among them, the specification of the wind brace shall be determined according to the height of the window of the top-hung window to be installed.

Top-hung window opening angle

The opening angle of the top-hung window is not more than 30°, and the opening distance is 300mm.

Advantages of top-hung windows

By operating the handle of the window sash, the corresponding movement of the hardware driver is driven, so that the window sash can be opened flat or tilted to a certain angle indoors, which has the following advantages:

1. Ventilation. Because the inverted position is another way to open the casement window, the room can be naturally circulated with the natural air, the indoor air is fresh, and the possibility of rainwater entering the room is eliminated. Clean air undoubtedly creates a comfortable living environment for people.

2. Security. The linkage hardware arranged around the window sash and the various functions of the handle can be operated indoors. When the window sash is closed, the surroundings of the window sash are fixed on the window frame, so the safety and anti-theft performance is excellent.

3. Easy to clean windows. Simple operation and linkage handle can make the outside of the window sash turn indoors. Makes cleaning the exterior surfaces of windows easy and safe

4. Practicality. It avoids occupying indoor space when the inward opening window is opened, and it is inconvenient to hang curtains and install lifting clothes rails.

5. Good sealing and heat preservation performance. Through multi-point locking around the window sashes, the sealing and heat preservation effects of doors and windows are guaranteed.