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Precautions for selecting broken bridge aluminum doors and windows


Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are not a fast-moving consumer goods, it is about a one-time investment, and you will use doors and windows every day, so you must carefully compare the selection of doors and windows before making a decision. It is unrealistic for some people to spend a small amount of money to buy high-quality doors and windows, and some people spend a lot of money, but they get doors and windows that are not genuine value. Baydee uPVC Profiles has listed the following points for you today, and I also hope that you will play a little help when choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows for broken bridges.

The quality of materials is the key. The profiles of aluminum alloy doors and windows have a lot to do with the final quotation. Aluminum profiles: first, second and third-tier manufacturers; hardware: imported from the place of origin, Sino-foreign joint ventures, and domestic hardware. , the same origin will also have high, medium and low quality differences; glass: according to the number of layers, divided into single glass, double glass, and triple glass; according to tempering, it can be divided into double-sided tempering, single-sided tempering, and non-tempering; according to special processes: Single-silver low-e glass, double-silver low-e glass, triple-silver low-e glass; glue used: glass glue, sealant, styrofoam.

Structural design and selection of profiles, first choose profiles of different materials, their performance is different, mainly because the thermal conductivity difference determines the energy consumption of doors and windows, when you choose a material, the design of the profile section is very important. The thermal insulation strips (isothermal lines) on the frame and fan material are not on the same side, so that after the hardware fittings are installed, the indoor and outdoor profiles are connected to each other through the thermal insulation strips (isothermal cavity) through the metal hardware fittings, so that the heat can be conducted quickly. Affect the energy-saving performance of doors and windows, etc.

The use of good broken bridge and partition profile aluminum alloy system doors and windows has gradually become the product of choice for many architectural windows. Most people think that to buy high-quality doors and windows, it is enough to pay attention to the quality of the main parts of doors and windows, such as aluminum, glass, accessories, etc., but they do not understand some professional performance requirements of doors and windows, and they pay more attention to factors such as product quality and cost-effectiveness. , in the initial consumption ideology, it is believed that high configuration is good doors and windows.