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Why are system doors and windows expensive? Where is it expensive?


Does everyone know the system doors and windows? In recent years, system doors and windows can be said to be a new topic in the door and window industry. The trend is constantly changing, and new product concepts can bring new experiences. It is said that the system doors and windows are more expensive than ordinary doors and windows, and even the generally expensive broken bridge doors and windows are not as good as it. What is the reason? Where is it "expensive"? Follow along with Baydee UPVC Profiles to explore it!

"System products" will definitely be more expensive in terms of price. As I mentioned before, the system doors and windows need to go through thousands of tests before they are launched on the market, and finally get various certifications. This means that systems companies have to spend more on R&D and testing. It is precisely because of this that the system doors and windows can provide more stability and reliability to end users.

System doors and windows are likened to "brand computers" in the industry, which means that manufacturers start from the entire door and window industry chain, integrate all the technologies, materials and equipment of doors and windows, and provide a series of system solutions to downstream door and window processing enterprises to ensure the integrity of the entire window. quality.

The design and development of system doors and windows takes 2 to 3 years, and then it can be put into the market after 2 to 3 years of system door and window testing. The research and development test of system doors and windows is more complicated than that of broken bridge doors and windows. doors and windows are high.

There is such a research report in the industry: the average actual service life of the system doors and windows is 15 years to 30 years, which is longer than the general broken bridge doors and windows. This shows the difference between the two. The construction cost of the system doors and windows is relatively high, but the subsequent use does not require additional costs, and the use cost is low; the construction cost of ordinary doors and windows is low, and the follow-up maintenance cost is high.

Through the above article, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of what system doors and windows are and why they are expensive. In the final analysis, in order to meet the high requirements of comprehensive performance, the strength of aluminum alloy profiles, the width of heat insulation strips, the quality of glass and hardware, the quality and consumption of sealing strips, as well as the treatment of corners and construction technology are all considered. Compared with traditional doors and windows, it has improved, which increases the cost of system doors and windows to a certain extent.