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How to distinguish the quality of aluminum profiles for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


In our daily life, I believe that many friends think: cheap is not good, so the expensive must be a good thing, and the workmanship material must be a good thing. Correspondingly, the thicker the aluminum material used for doors and windows, the better the doors and windows. The better the quality, the thicker you feel when choosing doors and windows is a good door and window. So, is this perception correct?

Aluminum profiles can be divided into primary aluminum and secondary aluminum. The two can be distinguished from the appearance. The primary aluminum profiles are generally full in color and the cut surface is clean, and the secondary aluminum generally has a relatively dull surface color.

Similarly, inferior aluminum materials are rough in workmanship and have many defects in the corners, while the aluminum materials used in good aluminum alloy doors and windows have smooth and shiny surfaces, no aluminum chips, burrs, etc., and meet national standards in all aspects.

The next point is the precision level of aluminum materials. Now, it is generally required to achieve high-precision, non-chromium treatment, and high-precision, super-precision levels for engineering use. Too bad, it's impossible for you to make a beautiful group. Home improvement, no one cares, how come it is cheap, most people do not know this, and have never heard of it

How to distinguish between primary aluminum and recycled aluminum used in aluminum doors and windows?

Recycled aluminum refers to profiles made of aluminum after secondary processing, whose physical properties are not as good as those of virgin aluminum. Of course, no merchant will tell you that [we use recycled aluminum at home, and it is too difficult to distinguish whether it is reliable or not by looking at the surface gloss of the sample corner. Personally, it is recommended to choose regular shopping mall brands as far as possible.

The technology of aluminum alloy doors and windows is very important, aluminum alloy doors and windows, fine processing, smooth cutting, very smooth opening and closing. If the processing is unqualified, there will be problems with sealing performance, not only air leakage and rain, but also under the action of strong wind and external force, the glass will crack and fall off, resulting in property damage and even damage to the owner.

A good aluminum alloy material has an accurate geometric angle of the cutting surface, the profile is not easy to be twisted, and the section angle is also correct. Not only that, the thickness of the cut face of the profile should be sufficient; instead, the thickness of the lower profile will be incorrectly supported by the thread.

The surface of the high-quality aluminum alloy material is shiny and textured, and the paint is smooth and smooth; the surface of the inferior aluminum alloy material is dull and dull, and it seems to be full of disobedience. The color changes and fades after a period of use.

Baydee UPVC Profiles summary: Different profiles will lead to different prices of aluminum alloy doors and windows finally sold, so the difference is very big. Although the price of profiles is not different every day, there will still be small changes. Window size, surface treatment, profile thickness, as well as glass, accessories, etc., will affect the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows. In addition, the prices of aluminum alloy door and window profiles of different brands are also very different, and the different origins of the same brand are also quite different.