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Sign a contract for custom aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges. You need to understand the following points


Decoration is a tedious and complicated matter. What do you need to pay attention to before signing a door and window decoration contract? Let’s hear what experienced people have to say? What you must know about ordering broken bridge aluminum windows, Baydee UPVC Profiles will tell you today.

The processing cycle of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is about 20 to 30 days, so it is necessary to ask the designer to come to the door to measure and draw in advance. The installation of doors and windows in the house involves dismantling and smashing. If your wall construction is completed, the floor has been paved, and the doors and windows are not ready, then during installation, if the protection is not in place, it is easy to damage the ground and walls.

The windows can have two colors, and the inside can be selected according to the decoration style of your home and the color of the furniture. For the exterior color, please consult the property of the community whether there are any requirements for the window color and appearance of the whole building. In many communities, there are clear requirements for the appearance of the whole building to be neat and uniform.

Many families choose suspended ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom areas, so when customizing the windows in these two places, you need to tell the designer in advance to free up the space! In addition, if you plan to install a fresh air system and a range hood, and you need to make holes in the windows when passing through the glass, you must make it clear to the designer in advance, because holes cannot be made on the installation site.

The payment method must be marked. Because doors and windows are customized products, you generally need to pay 80% of the total window price in advance. After the window installation is completed and qualified, you will pay the remaining 20% ​​of the final payment. These should be stated in the contract.

Details to be listed. In order to protect your rights and interests, whether it is the unit price, the total price, or the preferential content, discount strength, etc., it must be reflected in your contract in detail.

The attachments to the contract cannot be forgotten. In the process of window production, if there is a change, for example, the owner wants to combine two glass windows into one, or change the opening method of the window, etc., he must confirm the price with the manufacturer, and then sign a contract annex.

This is a very important preliminary work for the installation of broken bridge aluminum windows. Don't be sloppy! After signing the contract, the manufacturer can be arranged for production and installation.

Baydee fully introduces advanced equipment and production technology, adopts high-quality primary aluminum, and creates high-quality aluminum profiles. The company's products cover two major sectors: industrial aluminum profiles and architectural aluminum materials. The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows produced are not only beautiful but also of good quality. The products cover domestic It can meet the mainstream needs of foreign markets, and can meet the customized requirements of different customers.