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Knowledge popularization: the profiles of the system doors and windows series, you can come and learn about it!


Doors and windows are ubiquitous in our lives, and everyone is “familiar” with them to the point of “ignoring them”; if you are given ten seconds, can you name a few functions of doors and windows, or the core components of doors and windows?

If the doors and windows are compared to a person, glass is the flesh and blood, hardware is the heart, design is the eyes, then aluminum alloy profiles are the bones.

A good door and window should be separated when it is built; it should be perfected one by one according to the sequence, and finally the product will be unveiled.

Since aluminum alloy profiles are equivalent to a person's human skeleton, today Baydee Upvc Profiles will explore the secrets of aluminum alloy profiles!

After understanding its composition, as a consumer, how to identify a good aluminum alloy profile? In addition to identifying the door and window brand and finding the right merchant, you can also refer to these aspects:

Look at the degree of oxidation: When purchasing, you can scratch the surface of the profile to see if the oxide film on the surface can be wiped off. Of course, this should not be done directly on the sample window. Consumers can operate on the materials displayed by the merchants.

Look at the strength: When purchasing, you can bend the profile moderately by hand. If you bend the profile without effort, it can be determined that the strength of the aluminum profile does not meet the standard, and the strength of the profile is not as hard as possible. Aluminum has a certain toughness and is not hard. It can be made into different shapes by using this characteristic.

Gloss: Aluminum alloy doors and windows should avoid buying profiles with open air bubbles and slag on the surface, as well as cracks, burrs, peeling and other obvious defects. If there are the above phenomena, it can be concluded that recycled aluminum or scrap aluminum is formed by secondary processing. Such materials are prone to cracking and oxidation in the later stage due to uneven texture and disordered alloy ratio.

Choosing a good system door and window is an investment in the family to enjoy a safe, energy-saving, quiet and beautiful life for a lifetime. Its value exists in protecting every moment of your comfortable home life.