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Analysis of the technical requirements of system doors and windows, let's see what conditions are there


There are many people who may not know or do not know much about the technology of system doors and windows. Today, Baydee Upvc Profiles will take you to understand.

System doors and windows

System doors and windows require profiles, glass, hardware, screens, accessories, etc. to have quality assurance. System doors and windows are the future development trend and have become the consensus of the door and window industry. Comparing system doors and windows with pseudo-system windows and traditional doors and windows, the appearance, structure, function, performance, operation experience and other effects are particularly significant.

It is understood that the brand of home improvement doors and windows, whether it is the cavity structure and superior performance of the system door and window products themselves, or the presentation method of the system products, has opened a significant gap between the traditional doors and windows of the same magnitude and the shallow systematic doors and windows.

The technical expression of system doors and windows

Its main technical feature is that for all the elements related to doors and windows, it adopts systematic concept design, research and development, and manufacturing, and has a complete series of standardized products to meet the needs of individual selection of projects.

System doors and windows adopt self-declaration or third-party certification

The system doors and windows use self-declaration or third-party certification to determine the material, structure, form, design rules, processing technology, installation technology, performance and maintenance requirements, and use similar principles to determine the scope of allowable adjustments and replacement rules. The form is determined, and it does not belong to the system doors and windows when these rules are not met.

After reading it, have you learned more about the technical knowledge of the system window?