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What are the misunderstandings of purchasing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


We all know very well about doors and windows. Whether it is rural or urban high-rise buildings, doors and windows are inseparable. In the past, due to backward technology and limited economic conditions, people did not have high requirements for the quality of doors and windows.

Nowadays, many people pay more and more attention to doors and windows. At present, the popular doors and windows on the market include plastic-steel windows, broken bridge aluminum windows, and aluminum-clad wooden windows. Among them, the price of plastic-steel windows is relatively low, but the function is general, and it is easy to age and deform; aluminum-clad wooden windows have high functions, but the price is also relatively high; I believe we are not unfamiliar with broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Moreover, the price and quality are also uneven. If you do not understand in advance, it is easy to fall into misunderstandings. Today, the editor of Baydee uPVC Profile will discuss with you and summarize these points that are easy to fall into misunderstandings!

Don't just look at the appearance, not the performance

Today's young people just need to look good on doors and windows, regardless of their performance. Although the appearance of doors and windows is important, we should pay more attention to the internal functions of doors and windows, because doors and windows should not only be required for ventilation and light transmission, but also sound insulation and isolation. Heat, protection, windproof, rainproof and other functions, the doors and windows are not up to standard, they are all on the shelf. When you live in the future, various problems will come and affect the quality of life.

It's better not to have a thick profile

The thickness of the aluminum profile is not the thicker the better. The material and cavity structure of the profile are also very important aspects. It is divided into primary aluminum and recycled aluminum. Primary aluminum is refined and processed from aluminum ore, and recycled aluminum is re-melted from recycled waste aluminum products. As for how to distinguish primary aluminum and recycled aluminum, the simple way is to look at the cut surface. , The cut surface of primary aluminum is flat without stubble, bright blue and black;

Don't ignore hardware

When choosing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, you will find that some hardware is very expensive, and some customers will think that there is no need to choose such good hardware, as long as the doors and windows are of good quality. In fact, the function of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is inseparable from Matching of hardware. Choosing good quality hardware will not only make the doors and windows perform better, but also extend its service life.

Good quality material, good window function

Some consumers think that good quality doors and windows have good functions, but this is not the case. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are not as simple as assembling all the raw materials. It is necessary to consider its various functions to achieve a very ideal state, and also to consider the comprehensive results of the functions of equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, adhesives and seals. . Even if the profiles you use are good, the glass is good, the sealing strip is good, and the hardware is good, but if the assembly and construction are not done well, the effect will not work.

Not the more sealing layers, the better

The number of sealing layers refers to the total number of layers of sealing structures between the door and window frames. Standard system doors and windows are generally sealed in three to five layers. However, in order to attract attention, some manufacturers make the sealing strips into many corrugations, and then say that they have many layers of sealing, such as eight layers and ten layers. Together, once there is a problem with one layer, it may fail together with other layers, but reduce the overall sealing.

It is not that the wider the profile insulation strip, the better

Broken bridge aluminum is called this name because a kind of heat insulation strip is used in the middle of the profile to form a broken bridge structure, which prevents heat transfer, so it is called broken bridge aluminum. So is the wider the insulation strip the better? of course not! If the insulation strips are too wide then the aluminium may be smaller and the overall strength of the profile may be affected. In order to save costs, some businesses make the thermal insulation strip larger, and then the quality of the raw materials is reduced, so that it is shoddy.

Not the more layers of glass the better

The thickness of the glass directly affects the sound insulation effect, but the number of glass layers does not mean that the sound insulation effect is good. From the point of view of the sound insulation effect, they are laminated insulating glass, insulating glass, triple-layer insulating glass, and vacuum glass. Glass with many layers is not only easy to cause deformation of the frame under pressure, but also reduces the overall transmittance of the glass, and the glass will be deformed to a certain extent after tempering. For living environments with low noise, insulating glass is used for sound insulation It is enough, if the environment is noisy, you can choose laminated glass. In fact, to distinguish the sealing quality of doors and windows not only depends on the number of layers, but also depends on the material of the sealing strip. The better sealing strip material is EPDM strip, which is an automotive-grade strip. This type of strip has good elasticity, is not easy to age, looks bright and clean, and has no peculiar smell; while those that look oily and smell very strong and thorny. The nose strips are generally of poor quality, and it is useless to have more layers of such strips.

The above are the major misunderstandings of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows that we have summarized. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows after reading it. Good windows and doors. How much do you know about broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? Welcome to leave a message to supplement.