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Three time nodes for purchasing doors and windows


Today, I will talk to you about the most suitable time to buy and install the windows at home.

Everyone knows that there are a thousand window sizes in a thousand families. Aluminum alloy windows are not standard products, but building materials that require custom processing and installation. From measurement to production and delivery to installation, it takes as little as ten days. , as long as two months.

If you want to fix the windows without haste, anxiety, or pitfalls, you must plan and arrange according to the time points Baydee mentioned below.

1. Window selection

We divide the whole process into three stages: window selection, window fixing, and installation. Let’s talk about window selection first, which is the point in time to decide which door and window shop to cooperate with.

Baydee suggests that when you choose a decoration company, you should start choosing a door and window merchant. Why do you have to call so much in advance?

It is not because of the lack of standards and supervision in the industry of home decoration doors and windows, the entry threshold is too low, many merchants are fighting price wars, resulting in continuous upgrading of product and service quality, and it is difficult for decoration novice to choose good merchants. So take the time to do your homework ahead of time and shop around.

In this way, after the layout is determined, several door and window stores can make plans and quotations at the first time, and finally the most favorite store must be selected before the decoration enters the site.

But don't wait until the decoration comes in before you do your homework and rush to choose a door and window store.

There are two advantages to choosing a window dealer early: first, you can choose the products and services that suit you without anxiety or impatience; second, you can let the door and window owner to assist you in perfecting the decoration plan. Especially for large houses with a large area of ​​doors and windows that have been demolished and newly installed, different door and window schemes will affect the decoration layout.

2. fixed window

When you choose a window shop, the door and window process is more than half done, but you can't take it lightly, and you have to urge the door and window merchants to deal with it in time, pay the money and sign the contract early, and place the window order to the factory.

There are also some windows that can only be measured after the mason knocks on the wall or builds the wall. In order not to delay the progress, you can ask the mason to make the wall at the window position first. Once the wall is finished, let the window merchant measure and install it Single out.

Therefore, it is best to place an order for the windows before knocking on the wall. At the latest, it cannot be dragged until the walls are all built and the windows have not yet been ordered.

3. Windows

About half a year ago, a user of Baydee called me in the middle of the night and asked me if the doors and windows of her house could be installed in a few days? I'm quite puzzled, it's only been a few days since I placed the order, what's wrong with the decoration of the house, so you're in such a hurry to get windows? She said that someone jumped in through the empty window hole and stole the electrical and network cables, so she was in a hurry to install the window, otherwise the water and electricity would not dare to continue.

There are many unlucky decorations, such as villa townhouses, low-rise houses, and houses that are easy to climb into the room. You really need to pay attention to anti-theft. Therefore, Baydee recommends that the time to install windows for this type of house should be before the plumber lays the wires. .

For those houses that do not have the conditions for entering the room through the window, it is recommended that the window be installed before the tiles are installed. This has two advantages. One is that it is convenient for the master to deal with the closing of the tiles and windows; the other is that it can try to avoid damaging the tiles when installing the windows;

And for those houses with underfloor heating, Baydee recommends that the windows should be installed before the underfloor heating comes into play.

This is also the lesson that Baydee bought with money. It was still half a year ago. When we installed a large and heavy sliding door in a user’s home, we removed a wooden strip from the wooden box and put it under the door. Coincidentally, this There are several 2-3cm long steam nails on a wooden strip, which are pressed into the cement and stuck into the floor heating pipe.

I didn't notice it at first, but when I took the wooden strip away, a water column more than 2 meters high suddenly spewed out, alas~ I don't want to mention it, I learned a lesson from spending money!

It is strongly recommended that the doors and windows should be installed before the floor heating enters the site. If the installation has been delayed until the floor heating is completed, you must pay attention to ground protection.

Finally, there is another point that cannot be ignored, that is, when decorating in autumn and winter, everything must be done as early as possible, early selection and early installation, so as not to let the decoration master freeze in the cold northwest wind, stomping his feet while grabbing Life Chain urges you - quickly install windows, otherwise the work will be impossible

Although it can be blocked with colored strips, wouldn't it be so troublesome if it could be done earlier?