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How should the balcony be selected and decorated?


In the city, the balcony is the biggest medium connecting the home to the outdoor space. Many people expect to endow it with the natural comfort of "picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence" and the reverie of "being at the top of the mountain".

One pet, one flower and one book, the sun spreads. One chair, one table, one drink, white moonlight.

Modern home life, what can decorating the balcony bring me?

01 is the outdoor world

Advocating nature and openness, loving to grow flowers and grass, washing and drying well, being hardworking and not afraid of falling dust, and not raising children or children who are already old, you can try not to close the balcony, and the open balcony allows the view to be unlimited.

The ground should be paved with waterproof, moisture-proof, non-slip tiles or anti-corrosion wood materials, and it is okay to have different colors. But to do a good job of waterproofing and drainage, there must be a difference in height between the space connected to the room, the drainage must have a slope, and the floor drain must be well planned.

If there are railings outside the balcony, check the safety of the outdoor railings before decoration (there are also ugly ones). If the height of the railing is less than 1.1 m, the railing is made of wrought iron, or the railing of the sub-new community has rusted, aged, loosened, and the glass fixing clip is loose, it is best to remove it when dismantling the old ones, and choose a firm and safe product for replacement.

Knowledge points for product selection and installation: Two products are recommended: "Glass railings with columns (guardrails)" and "Glass railings without columns", which are of high value.

● Height: 1.1 m or more from the ground, can be increased appropriately;

● Glass: It is only recommended to use the laminated glass produced by the reliable glass deep processing factory, and the national standard requires 6 + 6 tempered laminated glass;

● Installation: The important thing is the material of aluminum alloy (or stainless steel) and installation material. The columns of the "glass railing with columns" (the vertical aluminum alloys on the right side of the picture above) are directly fixed to the turning beams, and the handrails (the horizontal aluminum alloys on the right side of the picture above) are fixed to the walls on both sides. It is necessary for the merchant to configure expansion screws of appropriate size and connection corners to ensure strength. "Pillar-free glass railings") are pre-dug or welded U-shaped grooves, and then insert laminated glass into the grooves for fixing, and the handrails are the same as above.

For walls and lighting, try to avoid using chandeliers (dangerous wind blowing), can be used with floor lamps, and outdoor sockets to avoid rain.

For water, it is best to reserve a place without installing a faucet.

The interior door, the door connecting the open balcony and the interior is very important, and it plays the important role of anti-theft and sound insulation. Products suitable for indoor use such as narrow frame sliding doors, unlocked sliding doors, and non-tempered glass are not recommended. It is recommended to choose a sliding door or lifting sliding door series with better sealing performance.

02 is the taste of the sun

Sunshine is rare, and decorating it as a washing and drying balcony is always the best choice for those who love clothes with the smell of the sun.

Custom-made laundry cabinets, wall cabinets or countertops (wooden cabinets are preferably enclosed balconies) can make reasonable use of every inch of space in the laundry area. The machine washing area, hand washing area, and storage area are placed in one place for more organized use.

It is the habit of many people to mop the pool and put it on the balcony to prevent bacteria. Use the corner to build one yourself, buy a pool that does not need to bend over and step on the water switch with your feet, or configure a shower with a spray gun for the convenience of cleaning and watering the faucet, which is more and more convenient for "househusbands".

You can also hide it under the cabinet to make the most of the space

The selection of other ceramic tiles, lighting, waterproofing, and interior doors should be decided according to whether to seal the balcony, if not, according to the above, and to seal according to the interior decoration.

03 is a small space

The enclosed balcony can make the best use of the space and have more choices. It can not only become a complete living balcony, but also have an additional functional area, and can also be used for washing and drying, and for shared living. It can be decorated with multiple corners.

If the balcony is more inclined to wash and dry, sliding windows are the first choice, and it is more convenient to dry outdoors and dry quilts. A door with better sealing performance is required between the balcony and the room.

Sliding window sealing window selection factors:

● Threading and splicing of sliding window tops: First, check whether there are any tops; second, check whether the tops "fit" if they are too short, and there are still gaps. Wearing them is equivalent to not wearing them; For the material of the three-question wool top, only buy siliconized wool tops, which have a longer life and are not easy to shed. The "siliconized clip wool tops" that have been siliconized + plastic sheets are wool tops with better sealing performance and stronger seam blocking ability.

● Check whether there is a windproof block: the upper and lower rails where the sliding doors and windows overlap are rich in "draft", which needs to be solved by the "artifact of plastic parts" - windproof block, which can reduce the air leakage of the track (draft).

● Drainage: The drainage hole of the sliding window is a big problem in sealing, which is rich in "seeing light wind": to solve the "seeing light wind", it depends on whether the sliding window has a "drain hole cover", or a more advanced "hidden drainage "(The drainage hole is hidden in the structure, which improves the sealing performance)

● There is also the glass that Baydee always emphasizes. Don’t just use glass from workshops for two or three years, but only rely on hollow tempered glass from glass deep-processing factories;

● The position of the waistline of the sliding window should be 1.0-1.1 m;

● In the case of a long sliding window, if there is a railing outside the window, try not to remove it to avoid the risk of shaking back and forth. If you want to dismantle it, it is best to use "reinforced pipe" to reinforce the upper and lower fixing parts of the sliding window;

The small space on the balcony is more inclined to life, so when enclosing the balcony, doors and windows with better heat insulation and sound insulation performance should be considered to facilitate daily activities. With different decoration styles, a small space can also be of great use

The scenery outside the window is good. The transparent floor-to-ceiling windows + bar counter make it a good place to relax at home. Spotlights, curtains, wooden cabinets, and long tables are as simple as possible.

There are also office needs at home. It is enough to set up a table, a chair, and a chandelier on the balcony with bright and clean windows.

The windows should also be equipped with heat insulation and shading. You can use Low-e insulating glass with louvers, curtains, or built-in louver insulating glass

04 is a large space

Packing the balcony into the living room or bedroom, extending the interior space is also the choice of many people

In most cases, there is no indoor door partition, and it is all sealed by newly installed windows. At this time, special attention should be paid to the performance of the windows. At this time, window sealing and purchase elements:

● Door and window separation: If there is separation in the floor-to-ceiling window scheme, pay attention to the distance between the stile and the ground. If it is too low, there may be a danger of improper operation. Generally, it is recommended that the height of the stile be about 1 m.

● The positional relationship between doors, windows and curtain boxes: In the absence of beams (or very low beam heights), if you want to install inward-turning windows and curtains with curtain boxes at the same time, you need to plan ahead and pass the pipe above the entire window frame. Or open the window sash and add a fixed method to reduce the height of the window opening and avoid the curtain box.

● Pay attention to the height of inward-opening and inward-facing windows and the ceiling: similar to the problem of curtain boxes, in the absence of beams (or low beam heights), the height of the ceiling should consider the height of inversion, or reduce the window opening by adding a fixed method Location.

● Glass type: It is generally recommended to use tempered insulating glass, low-e insulating glass can be used for heat insulation requirements, and laminated insulating glass can be used for sound insulation requirements.

● Glass thickness: The area of ​​the glass is large like that of a floor-to-ceiling window, so attention should be paid to the thickness of the glass. If the size of the glass is too large and the thickness is too small, it will shake. As shown in the figure below, the specification requires that for a single glass not exceeding 2 m, use 5 mm, and for a single glass not exceeding 3 m, use 6 mm... (2) For example, if you want to use a 3 m insulating glass, the thickness of each piece must reach 6 mm;

● Choose door and window products with wider heat insulation strips;

● Choose branded products for door and window rubber strips, hardware and other auxiliary materials;