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Do you think doors and windows are important for home decoration? How much budget should be prepared to buy?


Is it important to decorate doors and windows at home?

This is a matter of opinion, especially for a novice who has no decoration experience for the time being, it is difficult to figure out what kind of doors and windows are needed in the home, what price should be chosen, and how much budget should be occupied?

Baydee is here to talk about his own opinion: doors and windows can greatly improve the quality of home life, if the decoration budget is still sufficient, you might as well use 10% - 15% of the budget to buy doors and windows.

Reason 1: It can only be moved during decoration

Entrance doors, windows, balconies, and interior doors are the four types of doors and windows that need to be modified during the decoration process.

After occupancy, the modification of doors and windows is bound to affect the overall aesthetics of the living and living environment due to the long construction period and damage to the walls.

Reason 2: The performance of the previous entrance doors and windows was low

Entrance door: Needless to say, the old entrance door encountered in the second decoration, there are also many new and new community entrance doors that cannot meet the anti-theft and appearance needs of the current mainstream decoration crowd.

Anti-theft: There are 4 anti-theft levels for anti-theft doors: A, B, C, and D, and the performance decreases in turn. Only the two levels of anti-theft are useful. The anti-theft door lock cylinder is divided into three grades, ABC, and the performance is improved in turn. Only the C-level anti-theft can be used. Monitoring can effectively prevent theft, and most entrance doors do not have monitoring functions.

Appearance: Modern, Nordic, American, Japanese, mix-and-match... "Chinese-style opener" security doors may not be able to match various decoration styles.


Old community: The windows are represented by old-fashioned aluminum alloy sliding windows and plastic-steel windows. Many window glass is still a single piece of glass, and the windows only have the function of preventing light wind and rain. Common problems include: the service life is exceeded; the windows are difficult to open and close; water leaks in the house after heavy rain; serious air leakage; no sound insulation performance.

Sub-new and new communities: Windows are represented by plastic steel and ordinary aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges. The glass is generally hollow glass, and its performance has been greatly improved compared with the previous ones. Common problems include: poor sealing performance of common sliding windows; failure of water vapor entering the insulating glass; aging or falling off of leather strips, wool strips, and sealants, and poor sealing performance; unable to meet higher heat insulation and sound insulation requirements; condensation in winter The water problem is serious.

Building appearance: The performance of doors and windows is one aspect, and more and more people have put forward requirements for the appearance of doors and windows. The window frame is too large, there are too many partitions, and the opening of the sash is unreasonable, so the glass does not look transparent enough and the viewing distance is short.

Reason 3: Significant improvement

entry door

Anti-theft: Enhance the anti-theft performance by replacing the anti-theft door with Class A and B, and the lock cylinder with Class B and C. "Technology anti-theft": capacitive fingerprint recognition, virtual password, smart fingerprint lock with multiple unlocking methods at the same anti-theft level, and electronic peephole with clearer images. Appearance: In addition to directly replacing the "Chinese-style door opener" anti-theft door, it can be adapted to the home decoration style through "improvement methods" such as painting, veneering, and felting, and the effect is also immediate.


Improve the overall performance by purchasing windows with good sealing structure, solve the problems of wind leakage and rain, and improve thermal insulation and sound insulation performance

Improve the sound insulation performance of doors and windows through good sealing treatment (door and window structure sealing + installation caulking) and glass selection, and reduce the noise by about 30 - 35 decibels through the window to give the bedroom a very comfortable environment

Improve the overall architectural beauty by changing the separation method of window opening, the size of the opening fan, and the design without corners

There is also an unconventional method: the opening fan is directly made as a full length, and a glass guardrail is added for protection.

Regarding the size of the opening leaf, the width of the opening leaf of the general door and window can be about 750 mm - 800 mm, and some good door and window hardware can be about 1000 mm - 1100 mm. The window opening area in the home is not large, so you can try to make the whole door open window. Or there is fresh air at home, and the opening is large, so you can make an unconventional "landscape window"

Speaking of the landscape, the corners of doors and windows are designed with "no corners for doors and windows", which is absolutely suitable for both architectural and landscape

Balconies, Baydee just mentioned several "improved methods of wrapping balconies" in a previous article. You can directly view the previous article "How to choose and decorate balconies?"

Indoor doors, most of the interior doors are made of wood, whether it is logs, solid wood, or solid wood composite, the most important value of interior doors is sound insulation and appearance.

Choose an interior door with a sound insulation of more than 25 decibels (the national standard requires between 22 and 25 decibels), and you will have a more ideal sound insulation environment in the bedroom, ensuring that the moving and quiet areas of daily life will not disturb each other:

The door panel should be thicker and denser. In terms of material sound insulation effect: doors filled with sound-insulating cotton and other sound-insulating materials ≥ solid wood > filled particleboard > paper base filled with honeycomb structure > filled with hollow cardboard; the gap around the door gap is small, or the T-shaped door with better gap treatment ; The door hinge material should be reliable, and the lock can be equipped with a mute effect

In terms of appearance, the simple decoration, lines and colors make the home more attractive

Finally, let’s briefly summarize that many first-time decorators tend to ignore that doors and windows play a key role in the sound insulation, heat insulation, and anti-theft of the whole house, and they can also add to the home decoration in terms of appearance. For doors and windows that will definitely not change after renovation, it is worth spending 15% of the renovation budget to improve the quality of life at home.