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What can and cannot save money in the door and window part of the decoration?


Today, Baydee will talk about the doors and windows in the decoration, which can save money and which can not save money, in order to help you choose the door and window products that are not only reasonable in price, but will not worry you in the future

Can save:

The enclosed balcony and sun room are mainly used for washing and drying, and the door leading to the balcony is well sealed, so the balcony window (sun room) can choose an affordable window that meets the functions of safety, wind and rain;
The residential area is not facing the street and is quieter (or the family members are not sensitive to noise), the climate is suitable for long-term ventilation with windows open, and there is no need for heat insulation. You can choose affordable doors and windows that meet the safety and wind and rain functions;
When the whole house is replaced with new windows, the kitchen, bathroom, etc. will have windows open for a long time for ventilation. You can choose not to remove them or buy affordable doors and windows that meet the basic functions of safe shelter from wind and rain;
The developer's new window has no quality problems and does not have high performance requirements, so it is recommended not to remove it;

Can't save:

Envelope balconies and sunshine rooms are transformed into part of the room (such as living room, leisure area, bedroom, etc.), and doors and windows cannot be saved;
The new house is along the elevated road, the original windows are too old, the air leakage is serious, the window sill wall has water leakage, people who are sensitive to noise, the floor heating is installed at home, the floor-to-ceiling windows of the home must be equipped with large glass and are on high floors, and the doors and windows cannot be saved;
There is a balcony outside the bedroom, and the balcony is not closed, so the door to the balcony cannot be saved;
Installation materials cannot be saved;

02 Package balcony, sun room

The balcony (or terrace, the same below) is separated from the outside world with door and window materials, which is called sealing the balcony and building a sun room. The sealed indoor space is more airtight and thermally insulating. Depending on the location and building structure, there are one facade, three facades, three facades plus a top surface, and four facades plus a top surface. not see"...

(1) The materials of doors and windows on the top surface are different from those on the facade. Generally speaking, windows are used for facades, and consumers can choose them by looking at samples in stores; the materials used for the top surface are relatively simple. It is made of aluminum alloy square tube + glass splicing. Some businesses will directly report the size of the top surface to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will process the finished sun room and ship it to the user's home. Some merchants cut and install on-site according to the size.

(2) Facade windows can be purchased according to the functional area of ​​the balcony. The balcony windows only need the most basic safety and weatherproof functions. The purchase price ranges from 300 yuan to 700 yuan. Small door and window processing factories produce and sell their own products, and the sources of main materials such as window profiles, glass, tops, and pulley crescent locks are more secure.

At the same time, the window type can be a relatively cheap sliding window, which will be very convenient to use, but it is prudent to choose a 3-track sliding window with diamond mesh (the price is slightly higher, and the diamond mesh cannot be removed for cleaning, except for those who need anti-theft), two-track Sliding window + diamond mesh screen with lock, cheap and practical.

The windows of the living balcony cannot be saved. The windows themselves are not as good as the wall in terms of thermal insulation performance. The thermal insulation performance (K value) of the windows is too low, which will easily make the living balcony a "summer steamer and winter cold storage", losing a large part of its use value.

If not, you can also start with the structure of the product and the glass: choose the long heat insulation strip, and choose Low-e coated glass or three-glass two-chamber glass for the glass.

(3) There are two top materials of the sun room that cannot be saved, and one can be saved selectively. First of all, the overlapped profiles cannot be saved, and the authentic aluminum alloy profiles with sufficient thickness should be selected (I think there is not much difference whether it is a broken bridge for heat insulation), and the connecting parts between the profiles should not be saved (it must be thick enough) angle code + brand screw)

Secondly, glass cannot be saved. Although the national standard has already stipulated that laminated glass or laminated composite glass must be used for the top glass of buildings for the sake of safety, there are still many businesses that use so-called "wet" laminated glass filled with glue to control Product price (Don't be fooled, insist on laminated glass with PVB film).

Similarly, in order to solve the problem of condensed water on the roof of the sun room, it is recommended to use laminated insulating glass

The sun room that can be selectively saved refers to the production of the sun room. The sun room that is manufactured by the manufacturer and then shipped will be more accurate, beautiful, and less quality problems than the sun room that is cut and assembled on site, but at the same time the price will be lower. More expensive. Consumers can choose according to their own needs.

(4) Installation auxiliary materials cannot be saved. The price of foaming agent, sealant, and expansion screws for good and bad quality doors and windows is at most a few hundred yuan. It requires merchants to provide or purchase a1 fire-proof foaming agent and first-line brands by themselves. Advanced sealants (Sibao, Zhijiang, Baiyun, Antai, Zhongyuan, Taoxi, GE, Wacker, etc.), brand screws.

03 windows

If you find that there are water leaks, air leaks, poor sound insulation, winter condensation, glass shaking and other problems in the windows of your home during decoration, you need to consider choosing to replace them.

1. Leakage

When it rains, water will enter the windows of the house, and in severe cases, the window sills, walls, and floors will be wet, which will cause mold in the hard-earned home. There are roughly three reasons for this:

(1) Water ingress caused by unreasonable structure of the window product itself
(2) Water seepage caused by improper window processing and installation
(3) Leakage caused by failure to cooperate with the external walls of doors, windows, and external window sills

2. Air leakage

Air leakage will lead to heat loss and increase the energy consumption of the air conditioner. Severe air leakage will also cause "howling" and affect sleep. The reason may be the following two:

(1) Due to the structure of the window, most of the sliding windows available on the market are not well sealed and will leak air
(2) Casement windows with non-standard processing and installation and non-standard accessories will also leak air

3. Sound insulation

The sound insulation of the windows is poor, which is really not friendly to "urbanites" who are light sleepers, have difficulty falling asleep, work under high pressure, or are sensitive to sound. The reasons fall into 3 categories:

(1) Sealing of doors and windows: As long as there is a seam when any window is closed, such as the window tape is not tight enough, the above-mentioned air leakage problem, the sound insulation problem cannot be solved

(2) Glass: Insulating glass can meet the general sound insulation requirements, but it is not effective in solving traffic noise. For better sound insulation, use laminated glass or laminated hollow composite glass.

(3) Installation: The filling of the installation gap will also affect the final sound insulation effect of doors and windows, so it is necessary to ensure that there is a lot of foaming agent and no leakage of sealant.

4. Others cannot be saved

(1) If floor heating is installed at home, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter is greater than that of ordinary homes, so it is more prone to condensation on doors and windows, which will cause mildew on the walls and floors in severe cases. Doors and windows with a lower K value are anti-condensation and can also save electricity bills.

(2) The floor-to-ceiling windows and large glass at home are beautiful, but there are two things that cannot be saved: first, the quality of the glass must not be saved. The merchant is required to purchase insulating glass from a large glass factory and choose the glass with a suitable thickness according to the national standard in the figure below to prevent the glass from shaking. ;

The heat insulation of the second glass is based on your own budget. The glass accounts for 70% - 80% of the entire window area. On the basis of insulating glass, add Low-e insulating glass with better heat insulation performance or triple glass and two chambers (lower glass 0.8 - 1.0 K value), the overall insulation effect of doors and windows is better

(3) If the balcony is in the bedroom, the balcony partition door can play a good role in secondary partition. You can choose a sliding door with relatively good sealing performance. If possible, it is best to use a lifting sliding door sealed with rubber strips

04 What can't be saved in the end

Although the article talks about what can and cannot save money, Baydee also wants to say that not only doors and windows, but also almost all decoration and building materials. When consumers are looking for their favorite products and brands, they spend time looking for reliable and experienced products. The merchants and installation of the same must not be saved.

Ask more about the cases and experience that the merchants have implemented, visit the construction sites where the merchants are currently constructing, and ask more about the character of the current installation workers and bosses.

Spend as much energy as you want to choose, and excluding unreliable merchants is the real way to save money in the future.