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Endless noise? Teach you a trick to say Say No to noise!


Want to go back to sleep, but woke up early by the square dance?

Just fall asleep every night, but there is a disco melody next door?

Car horns, square dancing, construction site noise

These noises all around us

Affecting our sleep and work all the time



Today we will use another method

To invisible noise pollution

say no!

Doors and windows play a vital role in a quiet home environment. Choosing a good door and window can completely isolate the noise that plagues us in life. So, how to see whether the sound insulation effect of a door and window is good? There are many influencing factors, including glass, profiles and sealing of rubber strips.



01. Double-layer insulating glass

Glass occupies more than 85% of the area of doors and windows, and is the key to sound insulation and heat insulation. When selecting glass, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the thickness and performance of the glass. The thicker the thickness and the better the performance, the better the sound insulation effect. Multilayer insulating glass > insulating glass > ordinary glass.



02. Profiles

Ordinary doors and windows on the market are single-cavity, and the walls are relatively thin and sound is easy to penetrate. The polymer composite profile doors and windows are multi-chamber structures, with high wall thickness, large cross-section, and multiple barriers to prevent noise intrusion.



03. Rubber strip sealing

The rubber strip is the key factor affecting the sealing performance of doors and windows, and the sealing performance of doors and windows is the key to the overall sound insulation effect of doors and windows.


Decibel value reference:

0-20 decibels is like falling leaves, almost imperceptible;

20-40 decibels are very quiet, like the sound of dripping water;

40-60 decibels are like a quiet conversation in a library, bedroom, etc.;

60-80 decibels are more noisy, like being in the busy traffic of a busy city;

80-100 decibels are very noisy, and nerve cells are damaged;

Above 100 decibels is unbearable, and if you stay for one minute, it will temporarily cause deafness.



CROWN's solution


The high-quality sound insulation effect of doors and windows comes from high-quality product quality. Keraoen doors and windows are made of self-developed double-layer or triple-layer tempered hollow Low-E glass, which can strictly control the glass performance. Keraoen's standard glass technology ensures thermal insulation and sound insulation performance.


The profile adopts polymer composite profile, multi-chamber structure, high wall thickness, large section design, and multiple barriers to prevent noise intrusion.



In order to ensure the overall airtightness of doors and windows, Keroen doors and windows also use aviation-grade sealing strips for multi-channel sealing design. So as to meet the comprehensive sealing of doors and windows.


CROWN system doors and windows protect your quiet life.