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One-click get small details in door and window maintenance!


Windows & Maintenance


Doors and windows not only play the role of increasing the brightness of the room

It can also bring us visual beauty and ensure home safety

After years of development, polymer doors and windows are becoming more and more popular

Its doors and windows have various styles and strong performance

loved by many families

If it is properly maintained during use

Can significantly extend the service life

Adhesive strips, hardware, glass, etc. are the focus of maintenance

Today we will talk about the maintenance of doors and windows

What details need to pay attention to

How to maintain doors and windows can lastingly improve the experience of doors and windows,

Extend the life of doors and windows?



Doors and windows should be lightly moved when opening and closing daily

Do not use too much force or open the angle too far

Difficulty in opening

Do not pull hard, check hardware parts in time

Find out if it is obstructed by particulate debris

After troubleshooting, strictly follow the instructions


Doors and windows as a barrier to block the outside world

Usually easy to accumulate dust, when cleaning

Wipe with a soft cloth dampened with water or neutral detergent

Try not to use soapy water

Cleaning agent for corrosive strong alkaline liquids such as washing powder

Do not hang heavy or sharp objects on doors and windows

To avoid bumping and scratching doors and windows



Hardware accessories are frequently used components for doors and windows

Its quality directly affects the airtightness, watertightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows.

Sound insulation, heat insulation, safety and other performance

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether various hardware accessories are in good condition

Can be wiped off with a soft cloth on a daily basis





When cleaning hardware accessories such as handles, hinges, hinges, locks, etc.

The surface can be wiped with a neutral cleaner to add shine

For cleaning dead spots

Can be cleaned with the help of small brushes etc.

For accessories that are prone to wear in daily use

Add lubricating oil regularly or in time

Keep it clean and flexible




The sealing strip is an important structure to ensure the sealing, thermal insulation and waterproofing of doors and windows.

If there is dust or dust accumulation in the sealing system

The dust accumulated in the sealing groove can be sucked up with a vacuum cleaner

Also avoid the penetration of cleaning agents and water when cleaning doors and windows

into the gap of the glass bead to prevent the bead from being deformed


Door and window cleaning and maintenance,

It is an important guarantee to prolong the service life of doors and windows.

Regularly clean and maintain doors and windows thoroughly.

It not only ensures the safety of the home,

It also maintains the beauty of the living space.

Use high-quality doors and windows to make life more comfortable.