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What do you need to pay attention to when replacing doors and windows?


Before replacing doors and windows, various related issues should be considered, such as which doors and windows need to be removed? What is the procedure for removing windows and doors? What should I pay attention to when removing windows and doors?

01.Preparing for removal of doors and windows

1. Identify the windows and doors that need to be replaced

Second, know the material of doors and windows

The advantages, disadvantages and prices of doors and windows of different materials are different. You need to choose the most suitable door and window material according to your own needs and economic situation.

02.General procedure for removing doors and windows

No matter which material of doors and windows to choose, we must carefully study the method of distinguishing the pros and cons of this material. It is recommended that the purchase of doors and windows must go to the regular building materials market.

Consultation property: At present, many residential properties stipulate that in order to maintain a uniform appearance, the material, shape and color of doors and windows cannot be changed without permission. Therefore, when replacing the facade doors and windows, you need to consult the property first to see if they agree to the installation. The replacement of doors and windows generally needs to be done at the beginning of the decoration, and then the next decoration construction can be carried out.

Door and window manufacturers on-site measurement: After a full understanding and preparation in the early stage, choose a suitable door and window manufacturer. Generally, the door and window manufacturers will have technicians to conduct on-the-spot measurements and inspections. After the on-site measurement, technicians need to produce drawings and make quotations. Then if the owner approves the plan proposed by him, the door and window manufacturer will process the product according to the plan, and the general product production period is 20-30 days. Once the product is made, the removal of old windows and doors and the installation of new windows and doors can begin.

03.Demolition of old doors and windows

As the saying goes, when the old is worn out and the new is welcome, the old can be removed to fill in the place for the new. Before installing new doors and windows, the old doors and windows need to be removed first. Old doors and windows should not be removed too early. Generally, it is best to install new doors and windows immediately after removing old doors and windows. The dismantled old doors and windows can not be thrown away as garbage, it can also be depreciated, saving the owner a fortune!

First, the choice of the old door and window removal method

If the owner has experience, he can dismantle them by himself, and then sell the old doors and windows to waste collectors; or choose a person who specializes in collecting old doors and windows in the market, who will not only be responsible for dismantling, but also pay some recycling fees for old doors and windows, but generally not It will be very high; the other is to let the door and window manufacturer to remove it, which is more reliable and safe, but according to industry practice, the removed doors and windows will directly take away the top removal fee. However, whichever method is used, the cost of removing doors and windows can be deducted from the expenses.

2. Precautions for the removal of old doors and windows

1. Pay attention to personnel safety

The removal of doors and windows is a laborious task. If it is a high-rise, special attention should be paid to the safety of construction workers. When removing doors and windows, special security personnel should be responsible for safety and set up safety signs to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

2. Avoid damage to the wall structure

When removing doors and windows, it is necessary to avoid smashing them with a sledgehammer to prevent damage to the wall structure. If the original building wall is damaged, it needs to be repaired, which will greatly increase the construction cost.

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