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The sliding door seals the balcony, the effect is absolutely


Buying a house now will basically bring one or even two or three balconies. The balcony is an extension of the house and can improve lighting and ventilation conditions.

When decorating a new house, many people will struggle with a problem, that is, whether to seal the balcony or not.

Advantages and disadvantages of sealing the balcony

1. Disadvantages of sealing the balcony

After the balcony is closed, the lighting conditions become poor, the view is blocked, the indoor ventilation effect is affected, and the safety factor is relatively low.

2. The advantages of sealing the balcony

After the balcony is sealed, you don't have to worry about accumulating dust, hiding dirt, and avoiding wind, sun, rain, etc. Also, safety can be improved.

There are advantages and disadvantages to sealing the balcony and unsealing the balcony, which leads to many people's entanglement.

Nowadays, most of the balcony closures are constructed with floor-to-ceiling windows and broken bridge aluminum. However, these two are outdated, and a new method of sealing balconies is now popular.

It not only has the advantages of closed balconies, but also retains the advantages of open balconies, so as to achieve the effect of "having both the fish and the bear's paw".

Sliding door to seal balcony

The way to seal the balcony mentioned above is to replace the traditional floor-to-ceiling windows, broken bridge aluminum, and aluminum-plastic windows with sliding doors.

Conventional balcony sliding doors are installed in the middle of the living room and the balcony, which will make the living room narrow and cannot expand the space. Moreover, lighting, ventilation and other conditions will also be affected.

We can move the sliding door to the position of the balcony guardrail, and use the sliding door to replace the window to achieve the purpose of sealing the balcony.

The benefits of sliding door balconies

Sliding doors are used instead of ordinary closed balconies. After opening the sliding doors, the effect of an open balcony can be achieved.

Whether it is lighting, ventilation, and field of vision conditions are not blocked, the effect is very good.

When the sliding door is closed, the effect of sealing the balcony can be achieved.

Don't worry about wind and rain, don't worry about accumulating dust, but also have the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and so on.

It is really cool to switch freely between open balconies and closed balconies.

Precautions for sliding doors to seal balconies

1. Safety first

Install sliding doors to seal the balcony, and do not remove the original guardrail. If there is no guardrail, it is best to install an anti-theft net.

On the basis of the guardrail, install an invisible anti-theft net, double protection, and put safety first.

2. To install the screen door

The sliding door and the sliding window are the same, the sliding window needs to install the screen window, and the sliding door needs to install the screen door.

After installing the screen door, there is no need to worry about moths and mosquitoes running in, and it can play a role in isolating dust.

3. Choose heavy-duty sliding doors

It is best to choose a heavy-duty sliding door for sliding doors. When decorating, you need to pre-embed the track in advance, and then fill the gaps around it with grout.

Because the sliding door is relatively heavy, the aluminum material should choose the best quality primary aluminum, and the thickness should not be less than 1.5mm.

In addition, each track should be designed with drainage holes, and then slopes should be made on the outside of the track to avoid water accumulation in rainy days.

At the interface, install sealing strips and wool strips, and then choose laminated glass, which can achieve the effects of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and waterproofing.


Using a sliding door to seal the balcony can have the dual advantages of a closed balcony and an open balcony. Moreover, it is safe, anti-manufacturing, watertight, and anti-mosquito. The effect is simply absolute.