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Upvc sliding windows or casement windows, which one is suitable for bathroom windows at home?


Casement windows or upvc sliding windows? Which one is better for bathroom windows at home? What is the difference between the two? What are the precautions for the installation of bathroom windows? Today, Baydee will make it clear to everyone.

The functional requirements of places such as bathroom windows and kitchens are roughly the same: high frequency of use, long opening time, and low requirements for sealing, waterproofing and sound insulation. Therefore, in terms of practicality and economy, Baydee recommends that the selection order of bathroom window types is upvc sliding windows > casement windows.

However, individual circumstances should also be considered. When the size of the opening of the bathroom window is small and not suitable for upvc sliding windows or there is a need to reduce noise, then we choose casement windows to be more secure and more suitable.

The bathroom can strive to open windows directly to the outside in order to remove moisture in time and prevent the growth of bacteria; at the same time, natural light can be obtained during the day, which is beneficial to energy saving and safe use. (If conditions permit, we can install small powered ventilators on the window sash or on the outer wall, so that the indoor air can be circulated without opening the window in winter, which can achieve ventilation without causing the room temperature to drop sharply.)

From the perspective of protecting privacy, people usually set up curtains or use opaque glass to block external sight. When it is easier to see into the bathroom from the outside, casement windows and upvc sliding windows can choose frosted glass or hollow shutters to avoid embarrassment.

In addition, when the bathroom window is open and becomes a weak link, we can use hanging windows, and at the same time use the opening direction and angle to effectively avoid external sight lines. Therefore, considering the two aspects (ventilation/privacy), it is more appropriate to use an externally open upper-hung window (a screen fan can be installed according to the actual situation) for the bathroom window.

Note on bathroom windows: the windows should not be too high, pay attention to these situations

If the opening of the bathroom is too high, and the height of the ceiling is not considered in the design of doors and windows, it is likely that the positional relationship between the window and the ceiling will be difficult to coordinate (the ceiling covers the window or the ceiling is lower than the opening). This may leave follow-up problems such as gaps between the ceiling and the window frame, poor installation of screen windows, and difficulty in maintenance.

The bathroom window should be prepared to use casement windows. Families should pay attention: the position of the handle (opening) of the bathroom window should also be well coordinated. After all, the appropriate position of the handle (opening) determines the window opening experience to a certain extent.

The daily window opening situation is simulated by an operator with a height of 1.7m and the body close to the inside of the window: stand in the window opening position, with the hand level slightly upward, and do several consecutive window opening positions. At the same time, consider the configuration of the ground during home decoration: it is more appropriate for the height of the window handle to be 1.5 m to 1.65 m above the ground. In addition, other parameters refer to the following:

L arm length=0.6m—0.7m; suitable window sash width: W≤700mm. The weight of the window opening outside the bathroom is not recommended to exceed 40kg.

Every door and every window is the beginning of a better life; behind the door and window products are the persistence and perseverance of our Baydee craftsmanship, and also the interpretation of quality life. Choose doors and windows, choose safety, choose brands: with careful door and window brands, Baydee will naturally let you choose with peace of mind, buy with confidence, and use them with peace of mind.