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How should the sliding window be designed?


The installation and use safety of sliding windows should be considered. When the overlap amount in the height direction of the window is too large, it will bring difficulties to the installation; if the overlap amount is too small, there is a problem of use safety, and the window sash is easy to come out of the window frame.

Determination of height direction: It should be selected according to the groove depth of the upper sliding profile, the rail height of the sliding profile, and the height of the window sash pulley.

The width direction should be determined according to the edge sealing profile, the hook and enterprise profiles and the light enterprise profiles. When designing, the hooks of the two sashes should be completely coincident.

For sliding windows with fixed windows, if it is divided into upper and lower compartments, a middle-up sliding profile or a middle-sliding profile can be used between the fixed window and the sliding window; if it is divided into left and right compartments, a fixed edge seal can be used between the fixed window and the sliding window. Profiles. If it is a high-rise building, it is also necessary to consider whether the thickness series of the sliding window meets the requirements of wind pressure resistance.

Aluminum alloy sliding windows are divided into two sliding windows, three sliding windows, four sliding windows, etc. When designing, the width and height of the sash should be within the allowable range of the standard.

Sliding windows are divided into two types in terms of structure, namely left and right type and upper and lower type. One of the great features of sliding windows is that they do not take up space, which has become one of the reasons why many people consider sliding windows.

With the increasing personalized needs of people, the current types and appearance of sliding windows on the market have been greatly improved.