GEE180+Sun room, lighting roof, curtain wall(anti-condensation)

GEE180 sun room, lighting roof, curtain wall main beam maximum thickness (mm): 223


Cavity structure: honeycomb cavity structure


Heat transfer coefficient K value:  Uf=1.20w/m2·k


glass configuration: 24mm-33mm

TL+9A+5T+9A+5TL (curtain wall), 5T+PVB+5T+16A+5TL (Sunshine Top)


 sound insulation performance: 36dB


wind pressure strength: 8

Surface treatment

Double-sided monochrome, double-sided color


1.Outside is the Aksu fluorocarbon paint spraying process;


2.Indoor is Germany RENOLIT super weatherproof door and window curtain wall special film

Top structure

One word slope, herringbone slope, degaow


The maximum angle of opening (electric) is 70°, which is conducive to fire smoke design.

Assembly process

1.Building block type screw joint structure, high strength injection zinc alloy special parts combination between longitudinal main beam and transverse auxiliary beam


2.Welding process, welding of 120*120mm steel pipe, external profile buckle, door and window can be installed in the frame


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