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Teach you to use a piece of paper to test whether the windows in your home are leaking


In life, whether it is a newly renovated house or an old community, if the windows are not well sealed, it is prone to rain leakage in summer and wind leakage in winter. To this end, Baydee deliberately sorted out the relevant information on the relationship between window tightness and wind and rain leakage.

Relationship between window tightness and wind and rain leakage

When a qualified window is locked (locked), the gap between the sash and the window frame is tightly fitted by the sealing strip, which basically guarantees the airtightness and watertightness of the window, and greatly prevents the The windows are leaking.

The windows that leak wind and rain are usually caused by non-compliant production and installation of doors and windows or aging of door and window rubber strips, resulting in loose connection between sash and window frame, increased gaps, poor sealing performance of windows, and wind and rain leakage.

At the same time, the sealing of the window will also affect the performance of sound insulation and heat insulation. We can see its importance.

Water seepage caused by poor sealing

Two ways to teach you to test the sealing performance of the windows in your home

First of all, these two methods of Baydee are suitable for casement windows, and the doors and windows should be closed with the handle before testing. It is very easy to lock the doors and windows (note, especially that it does not require a little effort)

Or after the window is closed, hold the handle and shake the window sash back and forth. If you can feel the obvious shaking of the window sash, you don’t need to test it! Because the sealing of your windows is already very problematic! .

Alright, if the sashes don't wobble, here's Baydee's acceptance tip.

Method 1 A4 paper detection method

If your windows are inward opening windows

Then there is a simple tip, first find a piece of A4 paper, stuff it between the window and the frame, then lock the door and window, and pull the paper hard, if the paper is not easy to fall off, it means that the sealing performance of the window at home is still good. OK.

A4 paper detection method

Method 2 Press hard

Of course, it is not very convenient to use the A4 paper detection method for the outward-opening windows installed in many netizens' homes (it looks like this).

Baydee also has a simple way to detect, which is a simple and crude human induction method.

That is to lock the window first, and then push hard on the corners around the window (these are the few), if the shaking is obvious, the sealing effect of your window is not good!


First of all, congratulations to the friends who passed the test, but don’t worry if you pass the test, Baydee also thought of two solutions for you.

plan 1

Use tools such as an Allen wrench or a screwdriver at home to adjust the locking points of the doors and windows to make the sash and window frame tighter when closed. This method can effectively improve the sealing of windows.

Scenario 2

Change windows. (embarrassed but serious smile)