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Why are broken bridge aluminum doors and windows so much more expensive than ordinary material doors and windows?


Nowadays, when many new houses are decorated, balconies or old houses are renovated, they will encounter the professional term "broken bridge aluminum" for aluminum alloy doors and windows.

You may be in contact with aluminum alloy door and window materials for the first time. Before you have figured out "What are the benefits of installing such expensive broken bridge aluminum doors and windows for my family?" The aluminum alloy doors and windows made of this material are hundreds of dollars more expensive.”

Broken bridge aluminum alloy door and window section

You will definitely think in your heart, "The newly installed aluminum alloy windows in the next door only cost 400 yuan per square meter, don't try to fool me!"

In fact, if your family wants to choose doors and windows with relatively good performance, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are very recommended.

For this reason, Baydee deliberately found out the advantages of using "broken bridge aluminum" to make doors and windows from the professional book on aluminum alloy doors and windows ("Design, Manufacturing and Installation of Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows"), and also specially conducted a comparative test, and now I will share it with you !

Broken bridge aluminum profile

1. What kind of profile is "broken bridge aluminum"?

"Broken bridge aluminum" is actually an abbreviation for heat-insulating aluminum alloy profiles. The inner and outer layers of this material are composed of aluminum alloy, and the middle is composed of non-metallic heat-insulating materials with low thermal conductivity to form a "heat-insulating bridge" composite Material.

There are three production methods of heat insulation profiles, which are "casting type", "strip type" and "casting and rolling integrated type".

"Threading type", "Pouring type", "Pouring and rolling integrated type"

Among them, the "casting and rolling integrated heat-insulating aluminum alloy profiles" have the best performance, but because of the high production process requirements, most of the "strip-type heat-insulating aluminum alloy profiles" are on the market.

2. Where is the price difference between "broken bridge aluminum" doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows?

Before analyzing the difference between "broken bridge aluminum" and ordinary doors and windows, we should first understand why "the newly installed aluminum alloy window next door only costs 400 yuan per square meter", that is, compared with the broken bridge aluminum alloy, it costs eight or nine hundred per square meter. Why is there such a big difference in the quotation of aluminum alloy doors and windows above the square meter?

The reason is that the price difference between the two not only includes aluminum alloy profiles, but also the type of glass (the difference between ordinary glass and tempered glass, laminated glass or even Low-E glass), hardware (hardware material, imported or not) difference), the difference in the use of glue, and even the process cost, window type, installation service, etc...

Therefore, the price difference between "Broken Bridge Aluminum" and ordinary aluminum alloy profiles is not so great in terms of aluminum alloy profiles alone!

When many consumers see this, they may think, "Since Broken Bridge Aluminum is a new type of environmentally friendly and energy-saving material that is better than ordinary aluminum alloys, I will use this material and add glass for ordinary doors and windows. Hardware is not enough, it saves energy and money. !"

Baydee tells you, it doesn't exist! Broken bridge aluminum is certainly better than ordinary aluminum alloys, but the doors and windows installed at home are a "system", and broken bridge aluminum is only a part of it. If you want the "system" to work completely, you must rely on glass and rubber strips.

Therefore, even if the aluminum alloy profiles of ordinary aluminum alloy windows are replaced with broken bridge aluminum, its performance will not suddenly improve, at best, the service life will be longer...

3. The advantages of "broken bridge aluminum" doors and windows compared with ordinary doors and windows

Compared with ordinary doors and windows, the environmentally friendly and energy-saving doors and windows made of broken bridge aluminum have improved the shortcomings of traditional aluminum alloy doors and windows with high thermal conductivity and poor heat insulation. The main advantages are as follows:

1. Energy saving (power saving), prevent condensation. The thermal conductivity K value of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows (hollow glass) can reach below 3.0, which effectively prevents the heat conduction inside and outside the doors and windows, reduces the use of air conditioning and heating equipment, and can save more than 45% of energy. Moreover, the surface of the window is close to the indoor temperature, which can reduce the condensation on the inner surface of the door and window in winter.

Aluminum energy-saving experiments on broken bridges.

Energy-saving and anti-frost experiment of broken bridge aluminum

Energy-saving and anti-frost experiment of broken bridge aluminum

2. Comfortable living, good water and air tightness. Compared with ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows adopt a multi-cavity structure of insulating glass with different thicknesses and heat-insulating aluminum profiles, which can effectively reduce the acoustic resonance effect and prevent sound transmission. At the same time, it has a windproof and rainproof design, so that the wind resistance, air tightness and water tightness can reach level 5 or above.

Multi-cavity structure of heat-insulating aluminum profiles

3. Decorative performance. Through the different surface treatment methods of the profile, the broken bridge aluminum profile can choose more colors, which are more outstanding (the color of the interior surface fits the interior decoration style, and the color of the exterior surface matches the wall).


To sum up, the same sentence, "broken bridge aluminum" is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly profile, which is not much more expensive than "ordinary aluminum alloy". "Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows" are much more expensive than "ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows", but at the same time the performance has also been greatly improved! Different judges have different opinions!

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