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What are the ways to open the windows? What is the best direction to open the window


As the main channel for ventilation, lighting and warmth, windows play a vital role in the family. Therefore, when decorating or buying a house, choosing a set of windows suitable for home decoration design is the first step to ensure living comfort. So, which windows are best to use? Common window opening methods include flat opening, sliding, blinds, hanging windows, etc. Consumers can first come to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these different window styles.

casement window

Definition The opening and closing of the sash is to move along a certain horizontal direction, which can be divided into two types: inward opening and outward opening.

The advantages are divided into two types: outward opening windows and inward opening windows, good ventilation, good sealing, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation, and impermeability.

Disadvantages: Inward-opening casement windows will occupy indoor space, and outward-opening casement windows are prone to rust and damage.

Applicable places are mostly used in large spaces or scenes with high environmental requirements, such as living rooms, balconies, and study rooms.

Key Points for Purchasing Casement windows are mainly made of aluminum alloy; it is recommended to use glass with good light transmission; high-quality hardware has a longer service life.

sliding window

Define the window style that can be opened and closed by pushing and pulling at the same level, mainly divided into two types: left and right push and up and down push.

The advantages are that it does not occupy indoor space, is flexible to open, has a good stress state of the sash, is not easy to be damaged, and can freely choose the window opening position.

The disadvantage is that the maximum opening can only reach 1/2 of the entire window area; in rainy days, the windows can only be closed and cannot be ventilated.

Applicable places are more suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. It is not only convenient to open and control the ventilation, but also has a good lighting effect.

Key Points for Purchasing Sliding windows are divided into upper and lower sets of pulleys. Sliding windows should have a certain weight when sliding, smooth and without vibration.

folding window

It is defined that a hinge telescopic mechanism will be installed during installation, so that the window can be leaned outward.

Advantages: It does not take up space, heat and cold insulation, excellent moisture-proof performance, and excellent anti-theft performance.

Disadvantage: The window accessories are fragile, and they will be hindered by objects in front of the window when opening and closing, which is inconvenient.

Applicable places are more suitable for installation on balconies or partitions of home space, which can reduce the occupation of indoor space.

Key Points for Purchasing The flexibility of the folding window is very important. A good folding window is smooth and unimpeded during operation, and the sliding is stable.

fixed window

Define the windows that cannot be opened if the glass is directly mounted on the window frame or the sash is fixed on the window frame.

The advantages are only used for lighting, pure function, simple appearance, good watertightness and airtightness.

Disadvantages Baydee Xiaobian reminds that because it cannot be opened and closed, cleaning and ventilation issues need to be considered.

Applicable places are usually used in skylights, walkways, lighting windows in stairwells or parts of general windows.

Key Points for Purchasing Fixed window glass should ensure that it will not burst in the face of long-term sunlight. At the same time, it is recommended to choose glass with good lighting effect.

vertical window

The definition is also known as vertical swing window, that is, a window with a fixed center and a rotating opening, which is divided into two types: horizontal vertical swing window and vertical vertical swing window.

The advantages are conducive to ventilation and lighting, simple structure, flexible opening and closing, and convenient production, installation and maintenance.

Disadvantages The processing is more difficult, the material cost is increased, the cost is high, the maintenance cost is large, and the indoor space is occupied when it is opened.

Applicable places When opening windows, it takes up space both indoors and outdoors, and is more suitable for indirect lighting windows in aisles or bright windows in doors.

Key Points for Purchasing There are many hardware accessories used in the rotating window, and the workmanship is fine and easy to be damaged. Pay attention to its quality when purchasing.

hanging window

Definition refers to windows that open along the horizontal axis. It mainly includes top-hung windows and bottom-hung windows.

The advantage is that the gap for opening the window is small, and people cannot pass through, which is safer and can ensure anti-theft safety.

Disadvantages MaiGoo net editor reminds that the ventilation performance of the hanging window is relatively small due to the small openable gap.

Applicable places are mostly used in kitchens, bathrooms and other places where the window installation position is limited.

When buying, check whether there is any open welding fracture, whether there is any gap between the window sash and the frame, and whether the sealing strip is curled or not grooved.


Define a window that uses several strips of material arranged in parallel to control the light by turning the angle of the louvers.

The advantages can meet different lighting needs at the same time, have the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays, and can bring different artistic effects at the same time.

Disadvantages The fan blades are troublesome to clean, and there are certain gaps between the fan blades, and the shielding function is slightly insufficient.

Applicable places Baydee editors remind that blinds are suitable for installation in study rooms and balconies, and are not recommended for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.

Key Points for Purchasing Blinds are composed of multiple components, and the colors of accessories such as wire racks, pull wires, and adjusting rods should be consistent.