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What are the common pitfalls of choosing doors and windows? Inventory of doors and windows purchase precautions


Doors and windows are an important part of home decoration, but there are many hidden pitfalls. For many consumers, when buying doors and windows, they are often attracted by their price and style, often ignoring the most important quality, resulting in frequent maintenance later, There are many quality problems such as poor decoration effect. What pitfalls should be guarded against when buying doors and windows? What are the precautions for choosing doors and windows? The topic editor of this issue will reveal to you the traps of choosing doors and windows, hoping to bring more convenience to your consumption.

Door and window purchase trap

Price confusion, good and bad
According to the survey, 1/3 of consumers believe that the current price system of door and window products is chaotic, the price gap between door and window products of the same quality and different brands is large, and the prices of products of big brands are generally high. Some consumers report that there is a lack of price reference indicators when purchasing door and window products.

Cracking tricks: This situation is mainly to cater to the consumer psychology of some consumers who are greedy for cheap. Generally speaking, big brands seldom bargain. Try to shop around as many brands as possible to determine a reasonable range for the product. Don’t be too high or too low. Compare carefully and don’t be confused by discounts.

Shoddy goods, false standard grades
When consumers choose doors and windows, they usually notice that there are grades marked on the outer packaging of doors and windows, but few people know that this grade also has articles to do. Some door and window manufacturers do not standardize the classification of grades. Some manufacturers' first-class products are superior products, but usually, superior products are the best, followed by first-class products and second-class products. Some unscrupulous merchants will sell first-class and second-class products as high-quality products, and the price is naturally much higher.

Cracking tricks: When buying doors and windows, it is best to ask about the grade division of commodity brand manufacturers, so as to avoid quality deviation due to irregular grades, and try to choose trustworthy big brand manufacturers.

Inflated prices for insiders and outsiders
In many door and window stores, consumers can still bargain with merchants. According to industry insiders, most merchants are more standardized in terms of price now, but it is still not ruled out that some merchants have falsely high prices. Discounts to entice them to buy.

Cracking tricks: Before buying doors and windows, you need to have a general understanding of the relevant precautions and purchasing skills, so as to prevent the merchants from saying what they say, and have your own judgment, and compare the prices of multiple merchants.

Fake origin to deceive consumers
The vast majority of doors and windows on the market are produced in Guangdong. Guangdong products are superior in quality, style and brand, and have been recognized by most consumers. Just taking advantage of this mentality of consumers, some unscrupulous merchants wrap doors and windows not made in Guangdong with outer packaging made in Guangdong, defrauding consumers in order to make illegal profits.

Cracking tricks: For this kind of counterfeit place of origin merchants, you can conduct business check-in inquiries on the Internet before purchasing, and you can clearly know whether the merchant is legal and whether it is pretending to be a place of origin.

confuse the public with fake ones
In the market, famous brand doors and windows lead the fashion trend no matter in color or style, attracting the attention of many consumers. Therefore, some merchants take advantage of consumers' pursuit of brands to produce some imitation brand doors and windows, but the price is only half or one third of the famous brand. No brand service and quality assurance.

Cracking tricks: Don’t just pay attention to the style of doors and windows and ignore their quality. Don’t be fooled by low prices when purchasing, and you must carefully look at relevant trademarks and business licenses.

Switching behavior is hard to prevent
Although consumers are interested in branded products in the store, unexpectedly some unscrupulous merchants have adopted the behavior of subcontracting, and when they are delivered to consumers' homes, they are doors and windows of other brands with the same design and style. If the consumer has any objection, the product will be returned, and if the consumer does not see any flaws, they will take the opportunity to earn the price difference.

Cracking tricks: For this kind of behavior, it is best for consumers to ship home with the order, without giving the merchant a chance to change the package, and carefully confirm whether the received product is consistent with the brand, style, size, and pattern they are looking for after delivery. .

Precautions for choosing doors and windows

1. Check whether the materials of doors and windows are green and environmentally friendly
The material of the door and window itself must not have radiation, and it can effectively block ultraviolet rays. While too much sunlight brings natural light to people through windows, the human body is exposed to too much ultraviolet rays, which will damage health to a certain extent.

2. Check whether the quality of doors and windows is good
Good-quality doors and windows are more guaranteed in terms of sound insulation, sealing, and flame retardancy, and their service life is longer than ordinary doors and windows. When choosing plastic-steel doors and windows, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the profiles. Generally, those with smooth surface and bluish white are high-grade profiles. Because their formula contains anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet additives, even if the weather conditions are poor, it can guarantee the anti-corrosion effect for 30 to 50 years. Aging deformation.

3. Check the quality and installation process of door and window accessories
In addition to the materials and production quality of doors and windows, attention should also be paid to whether the hardware and sealing strips selected for doors and windows are of good quality, as well as the assembly quality of doors and windows, because these directly affect the service life of doors and windows.

4. The choice of doors and windows should be coordinated with the style of home decoration
When the room environment is in warm tones, you can choose a warm color for the corresponding door; when the room environment is in cool tones, you should choose a door with a lighter color. In addition, the doors and windows should be similar to the color of the furniture, but there should be a corresponding contrast with the color of the wall. For example: it is best to use white wooden doors to make the wall paint colorful. Only in this way will the room have a sense of hierarchy, not too monotonous, and it will also make the room feel particularly fresh.