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Windows purchase and installation tips


How to choose window decoration

Windows selection points

There are many kinds of materials for window frames, the most common ones are aluminum alloy window frames and plastic steel window frames, and the windows made of solid wood are the most expensive.

Glass can be generally divided into ordinary glass, insulating glass, PVB laminated glass and vacuum glass. If ranked by sound insulation effect, vacuum glass>PVB laminated glass>insulating glass>ordinary glass.

Look at the accessories The quality of the window accessories will affect the sealing and opening and closing flexibility of the window, and it will also affect the service life of the window.

Check whether there are scratches and unevenness on the surface of the workmanship window frame; whether there are burrs and gaps when touching the corners;

Attention to window purchase

Color If the interior space is based on light colors, you can choose cool-colored windows; if the interior space is dominated by dark colors, it should be matched with warm-colored windows.

If you like Chinese style, you can choose windows made of aluminum wood or solid wood; if you like romantic Central European style home, then windows made of aluminum alloy are more suitable.

Window Size The common window size is 1.5*0.9 meters, and the distance between the window and the floor interface is 2.4 meters. If the height of the window is 0.8 meters, it must be reinforced.

In terms of quality, Baydee Xiaobian reminds that high-quality windows are guaranteed in terms of sound insulation, sealing, and flame retardancy, and their service life will be longer than ordinary windows.

Window hardware accessories to buy

wind brace

Wind braces should be made of stainless steel, as poor quality wind braces will make the opening and closing of windows inflexible. If you want the effect of opening the window 180°, you can consider not installing wind braces.


The handle is made of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and other materials. The handle with good quality has texture, and there is no obvious blocking feeling when it is closed and locked with the window.

window pulley

There are three types of pulleys: plastic pulleys, metal pulleys and fiberglass pulleys. Plastic pulleys are hard, but easy to break and harden; metal pulleys are strong, but they are prone to noise when in contact with the track; fiberglass pulleys have good toughness, wear resistance, smooth sliding, and are more durable.

Glass seal

Tightly wrap the sealing strip on the profile, and place it at high temperature for a period of time to see if the contact surface between the profile surface and the sealing strip is stained, discolored, or dirty.


There are also many types of hinges, such as glass hinges, bearing hinges, corner hinges, etc. You should recognize the functions of different types of hinges when purchasing.


Good-quality styrofoam is milky white, and poor-quality styrofoam is gray and dark. You can distinguish good from bad by observing the color.