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It turns out that it is not recommended to install top-hung windows on the outside of the doors and windows at home!


It can be said that it is common sense for every consumer to choose the window type when purchasing doors and windows.

The balcony is suitable for sliding windows for drying clothes, and the windows that open inward and inward are better sealed and are suitable for bedrooms as a basic operation. If it is said that they want both ventilation and safety, many consumers will buy top-hung windows (or open top-hung windows, the same below) by studying online materials.

There are also merchants who mainly promote top-hung windows, "windows that open inwards take up space, and windows that open outwards cannot be opened in rainy days. Top-hung windows "do not take up space, do not touch corners, are safe, perform well, and most importantly, have good ventilation effects." 』”!

Some even sell top-hung windows throughout the city

When asked by consumers, "Is the top-hung window really so pretty?"

The owner of the door and window smiled, "That's right, let's be honest with you! I also learned the advantages of the top-hung window that I told you just now. If you don't believe me, you can look it up online, and you won't say it's bad!"

So, is the top-hung window really suitable for home decoration, as the Internet and some merchants say, with all the advantages of the whole body?

1. Understanding top-hung windows and outward-opening top-hung windows

I believe that the old fans of Baydee already know what a top-hung window is. The following is an introduction for friends who are new to buying doors and windows:

Top-hung windows refer to windows whose hinges (hinges) are installed on the upper side of the window. When the top-hung window sash is opened to the outside, the load and "fulcrum" of the top-hung window sash are on both sides of the hinge and the sash.

Open outward and top hung, rotate the handle 90 ° or 180 ° to drive the transmission hardware, so that the window sash can realize the window type of two opening modes: outward opening and top hanging;

This kind of window type is mostly used in some engineering projects, such as hospitals, hotels, apartments, and it is not common in home decoration.

2. The natural ventilation effect of the top-hung windows is good?

Especially if there are elderly people in the family, who have the habit of opening windows for natural ventilation, they will pay more attention to the ventilation effect of doors and windows. Regarding ventilation and window types, Baydee did the following research:

The VOC emitted by everyone due to their own metabolism (VOC: VOC is a volatile organic compound that has an impact on human health) will accumulate due to the lack of air circulation. Natural ventilation can also take away indoor air turbidity and heat and humidity to keep the room comfortable. sex.

Whether a residential building can obtain enough fresh air through natural ventilation is closely related to the size of the ventilation opening. Generally speaking, when the ratio of ventilation opening area to floor area reaches 5%, the room can obtain better natural ventilation effect. Due to climate differences, the ratio of ventilation opening area to floor area of ​​residential buildings in hot summer and warm winter areas is required to reach 10%, and in hot summer and cold winter areas it is required to reach 8%.

The regulation that the effective ventilation area is not less than 5% is made considering the top-hung windows with the most unfavorable ventilation.

Because the effective area of ​​natural ventilation of the window has a lot to do with the opening position of the sash. For sliding windows or casement windows, it is calculated according to the actual opening area. For top-hung windows, the opening angle must also be multiplied, and the effective ventilation area on both sides is not considered.

That is to say, the smaller the opening angle, the smaller the effective ventilation area.

Among the windows with different opening methods, the degree of influence on the average concentration of indoor PM 2.5 is as follows: casement windows, sliding windows > bottom-hung windows (opening inward and inward-facing) > top-hung windows. Because the indoor flow field of the casement window is stable, the airflow can carry particles out quickly and smoothly, and the indoor ventilation effect is the best; the upward guiding effect of the top-hung window on the airflow leads to insufficient fresh air in the activity area, making it difficult for the particles in the activity area to be diluted. And exhaust, indoor air quality is poor.

It can be seen that if you want good ventilation, top-hung windows are the least desirable solution.

3. Is the top-hung window safe?

No matter what it is, safety is the most important thing, which is why Baydee thinks that most top-hung windows are not recommended for home improvement:

1. Top-hung windows have the greatest risk of sash falling: When top-hung windows are opened, the gravity of the sash is directly supported by sliding braces + screws, unlike other windows that are "supported" by the entire window frame.

Moreover, there are many chaos in the market for hanging window hardware: (1) domestic counterfeit and inferior hardware occupy most of the market for top hanging windows; (2) use non-stainless steel screws, and screw less or miss screwing; Special top-hung window hardware is used instead of outward-opening window hardware, which makes it even more unsafe to use; (3) Imported or first-line hanging window hardware is expensive, and merchants are reluctant to use it.

2. The installation is more risky than other window types. When installing the window sash, it is necessary to hold the window sash all the way, and because the opening angle is limited, it is extremely difficult to fix the screw.

3. If the top-hung windows have no opening angle limit (many on the market do not meet the standard, the requirement is that the opening angle is less than 15°, and the opening distance is not greater than 300 mm), people have a dangerous and hidden action of probing outside, children and elderly people bend down Exploring is not safe.

4. Are the other advantages of top-hung windows correct?

Let’s look at the cleaning first: since the top-hung windows can also be opened outside, cleaning is not difficult; the top-hung windows are simply devils, and they can’t be done by hand alone.

Strong sealing performance: This is too much to talk about. Baydee has also popularized science many times before. The structure of doors and windows is the decisive factor affecting the sealing performance! The hardware calculation is assisted, and the hardware with multiple locking points and well-adjusted hardware can improve the overall sealing performance of doors and windows.

You don't need to close your windows on a rainy day: it's true. In terms of the rain-blocking ability when the windows are open, top-hung windows > inward-opening and inward-reversing > sliding windows > outward-opening windows. It is inevitable that there will be accumulated water on the track under the inward-opening and sliding windows, which will splash when operating the windows; raindrops hit the sash of the outward-opening windows, and it is easy to fly into the room.

Does not occupy indoor space: In home decoration, top-hung windows are mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchen window openings are easily blocked by cabinets, and bathroom window sills are mostly placed with things. Therefore, although bottom-hung windows do not occupy space, it is inconvenient to open. Not as practical as sliding windows.

V. Summary

In the final analysis, the reason why Baydee does not recommend the use of top-hung windows for home decoration is mainly because of the industry experience and knowledge from fans. Too many businesses lack awareness of prevention and impure motives.

If businesses want to be able to comply with the regulations, such as only using top-hung windows on low floors (outward opening windows are not recommended for floors above 7 floors), the opening position is 90 cm - 110 cm above the ground, equipped with outward opening anti-falling devices, and the opening angle is less than 15 °, the opening distance is not greater than 300 mm, and there is no need to sell high prices for low-priced and inferior hardware, guiding consumers to learn correct operation and maintenance habits...

Top-hung windows are not out of the question.