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Baydee- One of the best uPVC Profiles Wholesalers in India


Baydee- One of the best uPVC Profiles Wholesalers in India: The window is the "eye" of the house. It connects the indoor and outdoor. The indoor lighting, ventilation and air exchange all rely on the window. The window also plays a vital role in the house, and the most important component of the window are the uPVC profiles. The quality of uPVC profiles directly determines the quality of windows. Baydee is one of the reputed wholesalers of uPVC Profiles in India.

Why are Baydee uPVC profiles so popular in the Indian sales market? Let's take a look at its uniqueness.

The materials used are environmentally friendly and safe

Baydee has domestic advanced production lines and product inspection and testing equipment. The production raw materials adopt international advanced green environmental protection stabilizers, American Dupont titanium dioxide and Swiss Ciba ultraviolet absorbers, etc.; in terms of process technology, it conducts technical exchanges and cooperation with German industry experts; The quality control of all uPVC profiles produced by Baydee strictly implements the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system standard.

Many types of products

Baydee uPVC profiles product specifications include 60, 65, 70 casement series; 60, 80, 88, 92, 112 push-pull series. The colors include white, full-color, two-color co-extrusion (ASA) and aluminum-plastic composite series products. The products are produced in strict accordance with national standards. They are low-carbon and environmentally friendly, complete in specifications, diverse in color, and superior in quality, meeting the diverse needs of customers.

Strong strength - a number of research and development patents

Baydee has a number of independent research and development centers for profiles, aluminum materials, doors and windows, and retaining wall systems. It is committed to product research and development and transformation of technological achievements. So far, it has won a number of national patent certificates and has formed its own core knowledge. property.

Intelligent production line with high production capacity

800,000 m² 5.0 intelligent production line: the company's current production capacity reaches:
· The annual production capacity of Bedi profiles is 120,000 tons.
· The annual production capacity of Beihe New Energy-saving Glass is 1.5 million m².
· The annual processing of doors and windows is 1 million m².
· The annual production capacity of plates is 40,000 tons.
· The annual production capacity of wall surface is 1 million m².
· The annual output of interior doors is 600,000 sets.

From product raw materials and every component of the product, to the intensive research of every procedure in the window forming process, Baydee carefully creates ultra-low energy system door and window products that meet European standards.

Baydee introduced the leading German door and window system advanced technology, equipped with German KraussMaffei high-speed extrusion production line, Spanish Babelan film coating equipment and German Stutz system door and window production line, Baydee is very proud to become the most famous in India One of the uPVC profiles wholesalers, want to know more about Baydee uPVC windows and doors profiles: https://www.baydeegroup.com