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A few small details of door and window decoration can not be ignored!


When choosing doors and windows for a new house, details are indispensable. But for customers who don't know doors and windows, when they choose doors and windows, they are like diving into the sea of ​​clouds. But is the selection of doors and windows really so complicated?

The quality of doors and windows will not only affect the overall decorative appearance, but also determine the guarantee of comfort, so it is very important to choose good quality doors and windows. Just what aspects should you look at when choosing? What should you pay attention to when buying doors and windows?

There are many types of doors and windows on the offline market, such as broken bridge aluminum, system doors and windows, aluminum-clad wood, etc., and the product quality is uneven, which brings great difficulty to the selection of customers who do not understand the industry. When customers choose, they are prone to a series of problems such as cross-eyed. Baydee uPVC Profile here simply summarizes a few tips for us!

The details of doors and windows are manifested in many aspects. First of all, let's talk about what is visible to the naked eye, such as paint surface, welding corners, and glue strips. First look at the paint surface: there are strict standards for the production of doors and windows. The doors and windows with strict requirements are smooth and smooth when they leave the factory, and there is no obvious roughness to the touch. Let's look at the welding corner: whether or not the seamless welding technology is selected, there are strict requirements when cleaning the welding corner. The doors and windows with seamless welding technology are not only flat and lubricated, but also the gaps at the joints of the profiles cannot be seen. Then look at the adhesive strip: the adhesive strip is not only for viewing, but also needs to be smelled. A good adhesive strip has no pungent plastic or rubber smell; There is bulge or deformation.

The windproof function of doors and windows is also an important use of doors and windows, especially for users of high-rise residential buildings, the windproof performance of windows is even more critical. In fact, the windproof performance mainly depends on the profiles of doors and windows. Choose the doors and windows of native aluminum profiles, which have good rigidity and strength. , In the face of heavy rain and strong winds, the home environment can also be guaranteed.

The sound insulation of doors and windows is also very important. What is the choice of sound insulation doors and windows? Material: Good material (such as EPDM) is equivalent to good quality, and better quality rubber strips can ensure the sealing quality and prolong the service life without needing to be replaced every year. Glue content: The higher the glue content, the better the performance of the strip. The way of the adhesive strip: Selecting the press-in adhesive strip will make the sealing performance of the whole window better.

The airtightness of doors and windows, the so-called airtightness of doors and windows refers to its sealing performance. Generally, double-layer or even three-layer Low-E glass is used, coupled with double-channel seals, which can be both windproof and warm. In addition, the most important influence on the air tightness of doors and windows is the window opening method. After research, compared with various window opening methods, casement doors and windows have better air tightness.

Buying doors and windows should not be greedy for cheapness. Low-quality doors and windows will be mixed with a lot of impurities. For safety reasons, do not buy low-quality doors and windows. As the old saying goes: cheap is not good. Although this sentence cannot be said with certainty, but in the door and window industry, it is still necessary to trust. Everyone should know that in the door and window industry, "every cent of capital is worth the product". If you consider saving money when purchasing doors and windows, the money you save will also be returned to you.

Now the doors and windows, after-sales are strictly guaranteed. Whether in terms of warranty period or after-sales service, the main focus is on consumer satisfaction. However, many doors and windows produced by street stalls or small workshops not only have no after-sales guarantee, but also shirk their responsibilities when there is a follow-up problem. When choosing, be cautious.

It is not recommended to buy doors and windows that are too bright in color. If the brightness is increased with high saturation, it is easy to cause color pollution and light pollution, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue for a long time, and the retina is easily stimulated.

These inconspicuous little details often affect success or failure. The same is true for buying doors and windows. Will you still ignore these small details?