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Are silent doors and windows really soundproof?


In our daily life, whether it is busy with traffic, or the melody of life, or the voice of life that sells and shouts, it is everywhere. Does this sound often affect your life?

For the convenience of transportation, most people will choose to buy a house in the city. Everyday noise pollution not only makes people feel irritable and affects their lives, but may also affect the body in serious cases. Peanuts and birds, and nature is a wonderful piece of music; but for people who want to rest, these are the sources of rest, and they are all nightmares roaring in their ears while lying on the bed. At this time, if you want to sleep well, you can't do without the protection of doors and windows. In order to keep these sounds out of the window, many families choose silent doors and windows. Since the silent doors and windows appeared on the market, they have been sought after by consumers. But are soundproof doors and windows really soundproof? How to ensure the sound insulation performance of soundproof doors and windows?

Let's take a look at glass first: this is a basic resource allocation in the current smart home decoration design door and window business market, and it is also a glass configuration that can be used in many situations. This configuration is only suitable for houses with general sound insulation requirements. It is actually insulating glass that can really play a role in sound insulation. Insulating glass is widely used in residential areas with high requirements for sound insulation. We usually recommend using insulating glass, which can effectively reduce high-frequency noise and low-frequency noise. But it is also related to the strict sealing of the sealant, because the quality of the sealant and the quality of the seal will also affect the sound insulation effect of the glass, so be careful when choosing.

Let's take a look at the sealing of the window frame: the sealing of the window frame should be considered in two aspects, one is the profile itself, and the other is the sealing strip and the installation method of the sealing strip selected for the doors and windows. However, profiles with high content of calcium powder and raw materials are prone to brittle deformation, which makes the sealing performance worse, while good profiles, especially multi-cavity profiles, add multiple barriers to the transmission of noise, and then play the role of preventing the transmission of noise; The most important thing is the selection of door and window sealing strips. The sealing strips of doors and windows not only have a great influence on the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows, but also the sound insulation of doors and windows. Good sealing strips have good resilience, strong weather resistance, and use Long service life, better and tighter sealing effect, which can better ensure the sealing of doors and windows, so that there are no gaps in doors and windows, and better block noise transmission.

It also depends on the noise environment: for example, the road traffic noise in urban areas is very different. In order to ensure the effect of noise isolation, it is necessary to detect the noise source of the living environment. Therefore, before purchasing silent doors and windows, you should choose the corresponding soundproof glass according to different environments and your outdoor noise environment to ensure that the sound insulation function of silent doors and windows meets the management requirements.

Then we can't ignore the adhesive strip: many people think that the profiles and glass are good enough when making selections. In fact, it is not. The adhesive strip also plays an important role in the sealing of doors and windows. The selection of the rubber strips for doors and windows can greatly enhance the sealing of doors and windows. If the rubber strip is not selected properly, it will not only affect the sealing of doors and windows, but also cause water seepage in rainy weather. Therefore, the glue strip can not be forgotten.

To sum up, in order to ensure the sound insulation effect of soundproof doors and windows, we should not only consider door and window profiles, glass, etc., but also pay attention to the choice of rubber strips for doors and windows, and the rigor in the installation process. Fully consider the problems that may be encountered in the installation of doors and windows to ensure the mute effect of doors and windows. Well, these are the issues to be considered before purchasing silent doors and windows summarized by Baydee uPVC Profile?