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Want super sound insulation? Choose the sound insulation board


How to choose a sound insulation board that satisfies you in the mixed market, and how to judge the quality of the sound insulation board?

Test Report
In theory, any material has a certain degree of sound insulation, so we must check whether the store can provide us with a professional test report to prove that it is made by special processing, rather than the ordinary Material that are used in the market.

Installation method

Usually, in order to maximize the sound insulation effect, the installation method of the sound insulation board is relatively simple, so as to avoid damage to the material and reduce the sound insulation effect. Therefore, it can also be judged from this point. If the operation method is too complicated, you must be vigilant and avoid buying inferior products.

 Thickness and weight

Because the normal sound insulation board is made by special processing, its thickness and weight are relatively thin. But the above also mentioned that ordinary materials also have a sound insulation effect, so how to make it concealed? Naturally, it is a simple and crude way to increase the thickness and weight.

 Product performance 

Sound insulation is the basic feature of sound insulation board, not its only function, so don't be misled by the above content, thinking that good sound insulation is a good sound insulation board. In addition to good sound insulation, high-quality sound insulation panels also have certain fire-proof, waterproof, and load-bearing characteristics, and have diversified functions.When purchasing, you can use the simple and easy way of absorbing water or hitting to judge whether it is good or bad, so as to avoid subsequent problems.