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Window Installation Specifications and Interior Door Installation Considerations


Generally, when we are about to decorate, we have to start installing doors and windows. The installation of doors and windows is very important, because it is directly related to our safety, and many people say that the installation method of doors and windows is not very clear, so Today, let's take a look at the window installation specifications and the precautions for indoor door and window installation. Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge of Baydee uPVC Profile, I hope it can help you.

There are two main ways to install windows, one is to do it yourself, and the other is to ask workers to install it. Whether you install it yourself or someone else installs it, you need to understand a question, that is, what is the point of window installation?

Window Installation Specifications

Doors and windows are divided into enclosure members or partition members according to their different positions. There are different design requirements to have functions such as heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing, fire prevention, etc. The new requirements are energy saving. The heat loss accounts for about 25% of the total heating energy consumption. The requirement of airtightness of doors and windows is an important part of energy-saving design. Doors and windows are important components in the building envelope system. Function 2: Doors and windows are also an important part of architectural modeling (the contrast between virtual and real, rhythmic artistic effect, plays an important role), so their shape, size, proportion, arrangement, color, shape, etc. are all important to the overall shape of the building. to have a big impact.

Line positioning

Window installation should measure the edge of the door frame from the center line of the window to both sides, or according to the installation position, size and elevation of the window in the design drawings. The horizontal position of the doors and windows is based on the +500mm horizontal line in the floor room, and the upward inverse amount goes out of the window and the lower inverse elevation, and the elastic line is straight. For windows on high floors, the edge of the top-level window shall prevail. Use a line attachment or theodolite to lead down the edge of the door and window, and mark the door and window of each floor. Individual non-straight edges shall be chiseled.

Protect the finished product

In order to protect the finished window and prevent the surface of the window from being stained by cement mortar during the installation process, thereby corroding the window, a plastic film should be pasted on the surface of the window to protect it.

Precautions for installation of indoor doors and windows

Horizontal and vertical are important

Door and window cover installation is a frequently used method for door and window renovation and decoration in home decoration. In the construction of door and window covers, first of all, holes should be punched in the base wall, and the mold should be lowered. The distance between the top and bottom of the mold is less than 300 mm, and the spacing between each line is less than 150 mm. The mold should be horizontal and vertical. If the base wall is not vertical, the foundation should be vertical with a gasket. Then cut the large core board according to the designed door and window face width and door width, and fix it on the wall and door opening with round nails, and the round nails should be nailed on the mold.

window fixed

There are two cases of pre-embedded iron parts and non-pre-embedded iron parts on the fixed sub-wall of the window. When there is pre-embedding, directly weld the iron feet of the window and the pre-embedded iron parts on the wall; when the iron parts are not pre-embedded, use metal expansion bolts to fix the glue of the window to the wall.

Other accessories for installing windows

The window frame of the window is very important, but it does not mean that the installation of the window frame is over. The window sash also needs to be installed. In addition, there are some accessories.

The inner and outer sealants must be well

After fixing the windows, the next step is to apply styrofoam and sealant. Styrofoam is used to fill the gap between the window frame and the wall. It cannot be exposed for a long time, otherwise it will age and become "crisp". So be sure to apply sealant on the inside and outside of the window frame.

All the knowledge about the window installation specifications and the precautions for indoor door and window installation introduced above, I hope it can help you. When we install windows, we must follow the installation specifications, and there are many precautions for indoor doors and windows, so we must have a certain understanding of the installation specifications and precautions before installation, so that we can better good use.