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Several misunderstandings in purchasing system doors and windows


At present, the system doors and windows give the impression of "flashy", but it is not the case. It's just the business's transitional publicity, which causes consumers to misunderstand the system doors and windows. As long as there is a correct method when purchasing, you can choose your favorite system doors and windows. Today, Baydee uPVC Profile will talk to you about some misunderstandings in purchasing system doors and windows.

Definition and structure of system doors and windows

System doors and windows: doors and windows made of aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, and sealant strips through multiple processes.

System door and window profiles: It is composed of outer frame, middle stile, opening fan, crimping line, piecing pipe, and corner.

System door and window glass: It is composed of glass original sheet, aluminum spacer, molecular sieve, and deep processing of sealant.

System door and window hardware: It consists of hinges, lock boxes, connectors, transmission rods, and handles.

System door and window sealing strip: It is composed of EPDM raw rubber, carbon black, calcium powder and other components.

Misunderstanding 1: Focus on beauty

The system doors and windows are indeed higher in appearance than ordinary doors and windows. Because of the high positioning, the spraying process, accessory style and structural level will be much more attractive. However, when purchasing system doors and windows, it is important not only to look at the appearance, but also to look at the performance and whether it is suitable for household needs.

Misunderstanding 2: Heavy Thickness

At present, the national standard for aluminum wall thickness is 1.8mm, and it was 1.4mm before. In any case, the choice depends on the environment. In general, 1.4mm is relatively cost-effective, and there is no problem with wind pressure resistance. Of course, if the wall thickness is too thick, the price of the product will be high. When purchasing, it is necessary to consult whether it is the uniform thickness or the main wall thickness.

Misunderstanding 3: Light Hardware

Hardware accessories seem to be small, but they are actually the "heart" of the system doors and windows, affecting the service life of the system doors and windows and the experience of use. It is recommended that you choose to use die-cast zinc alloy for handles and transmission parts; aluminum alloy for hinges; stainless steel for hinge shafts, locking points, and zinc alloy or stainless steel for lock seats; the quality of the pulley is determined by its outer wheel. Determined by the quality of the bearing, the fiberglass pulley, which contains roller bearings, pushes and pulls smoothly, is wear-resistant and durable, the box-type closed structure is effectively dust-proof, and two anti-jump devices ensure reliable protection when sliding.

Myth 4: No maintenance required

In terms of metal properties, aluminum alloys do have strong weather resistance in the environment, but it does not mean that maintenance is not required. After all, water droplets wear through stones, and they are dead objects and cannot repair themselves. The damaged areas cannot be repaired. It’s just that the maintenance of aluminum alloys is not so troublesome. In daily cleaning, neutral detergents are often used for cleaning, which can ensure the experience of using aluminum alloy doors and windows.

To sum up, these points that can be identified are the misunderstandings in the purchase of system windows. You can pay attention to these points when choosing. In fact, as long as you know more about the relevant doors and windows before purchasing, you will not take detours. Now, through the brief introduction of Baydee uPVC Profile, I believe you have understood it, and we will continue to share the knowledge of doors and windows.