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Do you also have trouble choosing doors and windows in the decoration of your new house?


Doors and windows are one of the necessary decoration points in the home. Many homeowners’ customized doors and windows are deformed, loose or even unable to close soon after use. For example, Mr. Liu in a certain community customized and installed 10 square meters of aluminum alloy doors and windows in a door and window processing point near the community, and closed the balcony. Shortly after the completion of the construction, it was found that there were water spots on the edge of the window, and the latex paint wall under the balcony was soaked and peeled. I checked the windows carefully and found that the windows were deformed at some point, and the glass windows and the guide rails could not fit well, allowing the rainwater to seep into the room.

There is another community, Ms. Chen, who is also convenient, invited the aluminum alloy door and window processing point next to the community, and installed a bathroom sliding door. Shortly after moving in, I found that the splicing point on the edge of the sliding door was loose, and it would shake when pushed and pulled, posing a safety hazard. So I came to the small shop where the sliding door was customized at that time, and found that the shop was empty, and I had to find another person to reinstall it.

The country has made clear requirements for the wall thickness of aluminum alloy profiles. The wall thickness standard of aluminum alloy profiles is 1.2±0.23mm. If the wall thickness of aluminum alloy profiles sold by businesses is lower than this standard, it can be regarded as a substandard product. In order to make huge profits, many manufacturers have privately lowered the standard of aluminum thickness. Among the aluminum alloy door and window products whose wall thickness does not meet the standard, most of them are within 0.6mm to 1.0mm, which is far from the industry standard. These products that do not meet the standards are generally produced by small brand manufacturers, and their prices are relatively low compared to the aluminum alloy profiles that meet the standards.

So how can consumers buy aluminum alloy profiles with standard wall thickness to make doors and windows? Baydee uPVC Profile reminds consumers:

1. First of all, you must have a correct attitude and don’t be greedy for cheap. Try to go to regular shopping malls to buy some big brands. When buying, pay attention to the product name, implementation standard, factory name, factory address, quality grade, etc. marked on the product packaging or label. . Once it is found that the content of the packaging label is incomplete, and the text or pattern is overprinted with ghosting or deviation, it is mostly produced by small aluminum enterprises.

2. When purchasing aluminum alloy door and window materials, you must choose it yourself. It is best to take a caliper to measure the wall thickness yourself. The wall thickness of commonly used aluminum alloy profiles should be 1.0mm or more. If necessary, merchants can be required to show the quality inspection report of the aluminum alloy profiles they sell. If you know that the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy profiles sold by the merchants does not meet the standard, it is best not to buy them.

3. Intuitively select aluminum alloy materials. The first is to look at the strength. You can bend the profile with moderate force by hand. The profile with a larger thickness is not easily deformed, while the profile with a smaller thickness is easily deformed. The second is to look at the chromaticity. The color of the same aluminum alloy profile should be the same, if the color difference is obvious, it is not suitable to buy. The third is to look at the flatness and gloss of the aluminum alloy profile. It is advisable to have no dents or bulges on the surface. If it is a material with obvious defects such as white spots or black spots on the surface, as well as cracks and peeling, it is not suitable to buy.

Then in the home decoration, the installation of doors and windows is a very important part, which is equivalent to the protection of the family. Therefore, the purchase of doors and windows should not be sloppy, but there are many door and window manufacturers in the market, and it is not easy to choose the doors and windows that suit you. , so we have to choose carefully.

Door and window material purchase

In today's decoration market with many types of building materials, there are many types of doors and windows, and doors and windows made of different materials have different functions and decorative effects. Nowadays, most of the windows in the home are made of glass, and there are many types of glass, including vacuum glass, ordinary glass, insulating glass, etc. If you want a window with good sound insulation, you can choose a window made of vacuum glass. If you want a window with high safety performance, you can choose a window made of laminated insulating glass.

Quality purchase of door and window hardware accessories

When purchasing doors and windows, we should not only pay attention to the quality of the door and window materials and construction technology, but also pay attention to the quality of the hardware accessories. Hardware accessories are a major factor affecting the quality and use of doors and windows. If the quality of hardware accessories is not good or the installation of hardware accessories is unreasonable, doors and windows are prone to damage or inflexibility during use. Hardware fittings are generally placed in the lining steel installed in the profile cavity when they are placed.

Process purchase of doors and windows

The process of making doors and windows is a major factor affecting the quality of doors and windows. When purchasing doors and windows, you can observe whether the production size is standard, and whether the matching of hardware accessories is reasonable. Also pay attention to the surface strength of doors and windows, so as not to buy inferior door and window products, thus affecting the quality and effect of door and window decoration.

Door and window brand purchase

The brand is the representative of quality and credibility. The door and window companies of the big brands have relatively strong internal financial strength. The doors and windows have a high level of craftsmanship and perfect quality testing equipment during production. Therefore, the quality and safety and environmental protection of their doors and windows are all There is a certain guarantee. If you want to choose high-quality and guaranteed door and window products, you can choose big-brand door and window products, but don’t buy informal and low-quality door and window products because of cheapness. safe question.