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Aluminum alloy bathroom door selection precautions


The bathroom is a very important place in the family, and the frequency of use is very high. In addition to the sanitary ware, the bathroom door is also a part that cannot be ignored.

As we all know, bathroom doors are usually aluminum alloy swing doors. Why not use wooden doors, plastic steel doors, stainless steel doors, and iron doors? Let's discuss this issue in detail! In fact, the reason is very simple.

The profiles of aluminum alloy swing doors are produced by various processes, which can form a lot of collocations and achieve different artistic effects. Choose a swing door that matches your home decor environment to add visual impact. Aluminum alloy swing doors are generally suitable for a variety of bathrooms. The open area of ​​the swing door is large, but the floor area is small, which can save some space. Opening and closing is relatively smooth. Generally, aluminum alloy doors and windows are equipped with double-layer insulating glass design, so the overall structure of the door is very tight, and its air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation and other performance are good, which can reduce the emission of water vapor to other spaces, suitable for installation in the bathroom.

The bathroom is in contact with water for a long time, and it is in a relatively humid state all the year round, so the requirements for the door are appropriately high. Aluminum alloy doors and windows and door frames use aluminum alloy profiles. Comes off, does not need to be painted, and is easy to maintain. Considering the factors of the space area of ​​the bathroom, the aluminum alloy swing door is very suitable for the door of the bathroom.

The bathroom is a convenient place for us, whether it is smell or sound, or it is necessary to isolate, and the sealing function of the aluminum alloy swing door is very good to eliminate these problems and prevent unnecessary embarrassment.

There are several common types of bathroom doors:

Plastic-steel door: A commonly used raw material for bathroom doors is plastic-steel door, which is characterized by good waterproof performance and low price, and many families will choose it. However, this type of door has a relatively low grade and is easy to deform. It is often used in some rental houses and small restaurants, and the requirements are not so high.

Wooden door: The bathroom can also be installed with solid wood. The solid wood door has a good waterproof effect and is the choice of many families. If there is no painted PVC film on the surface of the wooden door, it cannot be used in the bathroom, because the waterproof effect of this door is not good, and it is easy to blister and deform when exposed to water. Although the waterproof and anti-deformation ability of wooden doors are not as good as those of aluminum alloy doors, the advantage of wooden doors is that they have the same texture as bedroom doors and are more beautiful.

Folding door: The main advantage of the bathroom folding door is to save space, one of which is a folding door that is folded and opened, which is not only convenient and compact, but also very beautiful. However, the folding door is easy to hide bacteria, and over time, the folding door will become unusable.

The editor of Baydee uPVC Profile briefly introduces the benefits of aluminum alloy bathroom doors and the types of bathroom doors. I believe everyone understands it! In the next issue, we will continue to discuss other door and window topics.